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Follow the Light

10 Aug

God’s WordPsalms 119:105-112

God’s Attribute: Lightens our path of lifeFollow the light (2)

God’s Message to me:

My Word (the Bible) was given to light up the path of your life so you can see clearly.  The more you read the Word, the more light you have.  There is no need to stumble through life when I am eager to share My light with you.  When you feel like your life is falling apart you will find the guidance you need in My Word to put it back together.

The stories, sayings and rules found in My Word are there to guide you into the happiest life you could possibly have.  They are not given to hinder but to free you.  Truth frees!  When others try to throw you off track, the truths you have gleaned from My Word will keep you strong and help you see the path of your life clearly.

My Word is a book on living and it is yours forever.  My Word never changes and My promises never fail. This is My gift to you and includes with it joy unspeakable.  When you focus your life on My Word and live according to My guidelines you will experience a peace that passes understanding–no matter the circumstances of your life.

God’s Question for me

Will you follow the LIGHT of My WORD so I can light up your life with peace and joy?

God’s Promise to me

There is no night so dark that My Word cannot bring a glimmer of light and hope.

My Prayer to Emulate God’s Attributes:  I Pledge:

My mind: To continually feed on Your Words of life!

My voice:  To encourage others with gems from Your Word.

My heart:  To be devoted to following You with my whole heart.

My body:  To serve as Your hands and feet to those around me.


You’re in Good Hands!

20 Jul

God’s Word:  Psalms 91in good hands

God’s Attribute: (15)  I’ll give you the best of care if you’ll only get to know and trust me.  . . . . .God

God’s Message to me:

There is nothing in this life that can separate you from My love—except your refusal to get to know and trust Me.  There is no valley so deep and dark that I will not be your constant companion and will give you peace and joy amidst whatever sorrows await there.

Always remember that whether you are on the mountain top of joy or the valley of sorrow, I am there too and eager to wrap My loving arms of peace around your heart which will fend off all harm.  There is nothing in this life that can take away that peace.  But you make the choice to receive it.

I am eager to be your refuge.  As a parent is eager to comfort their child, I am eager to comfort you.  When you are weak, I am still strong and will give you the strength to go on.  I will provide you with the best of care in the worst of circumstances.  Please don’t worry about the future.  I am there too.

God’s question for me

Will you hold onto Me for dear life when the storms of life rage?

God’s promise to me

Call Me and I’ll answer, be at your side in bad times. . . I’ll rescue you.

My prayer to God

  1. Adoration:  It is so comforting to know that whatever the future—You are there and will go with us step by step.
  2. Confession: I am sorry when I worry about the unknown future for I know You hold all my tomorrows in safe keeping.
  3. Thanksgiving: I am so thankful that You will always be with me.  You certainly have taken the best of care of me and my family.  We rest in joy in You.
  4. Supplication:  I want to offer my heart and hands to others on Your behalf.  Please guide me in serving others.

Moving the Heart-Strings

13 May

Exodus 35:  Moses tells the people of God’s plan for the Tabernacle.

Lessons for Living Today:

What moves our hearts strings?

Music of the Heart

Music of the Heart

It appears that our hearts, molded by our experiences and the knowledge we have acquired, responds when its “strings” feel movement.  What moves my heart-strings may not affect you at all.  What moves yours may not interest me whatsoever.  Diversity is what makes the world go round.  You like one thing, I like another, and together we make things happen.  If this is what makes things happen it tells me that the input of our lives and the knowledge we seek is very significant.

A beautiful piece of music doesn’t just come from an untrained musician.  Purposeful training and experiences together “feed” the “bent” of the heart-strings in the desired direction.  So in life–input determines the output.  Here is where our choices come into play.  If we live our lives haphazardly the output will be haphazard, at best.  Instead, those who want an intentional output will plan the input accordingly.  If your bent is music, you will focus your training there.

Are there universal heart-strings where we all can join together?  The God who created the universe has provided us with a common ground to unite mankind in making beautiful music of our interwoven lives.  Common ground is found in His revealed Word—the Bible.  Unity is found as the same God interacts with each person as they draw wisdom through His Word.  It ties our heart-strings together and creates joy unspeakable and full of glory.  God’s Word is what moves the heart-strings for the good of all.  Take away the Word and discord brings forth confusion and disaster.  Make wise choices and your heart-strings will respond with beautiful music.

God’s Question: Will you let My Word serve as your tuning fork?

God’s Promise: I never refuse any to turn to My Word.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for the wonderful music You have made of my life.

I am sorry I too often let discord have its way.

Thank You for always accepting me with open arms of forgiveness.

Help me focus my heart-strings to respond to You always.

God’s Favorite Colors?

28 Apr

Exodus 26:  God’s instructions for building the Holy room.

Lessons for Living Today:

If you were building a special room that depicted the essence of “you” wouldn’t you choose your favorite colors? ribbons When God gave the directions, in this passage, for building the special room where His Spirit would dwell he chose blue, purple, and scarlet for the curtains.  And in those curtains were woven an angel-cherubim design. What colors and design would you choose to depict your essence?  In addition to the colors, God’s instructions also included the type of wood, animal skins and precious metals to be used.

We find God’s choice of colors still being used as award ribbons at fairs and other competitions.  Blue, purple, and scarlet depict the top honors.  (I personally like it that the top honor is given with the purple ribbon.)  If we look around at our world we see many instances where the origin came from God’s Word: marriage, the Church, baptism, laws, ecology, fairness, forgiveness, patience, and on and on.  We would expect this since God is the creator and sustainer of our world.  When people separate themselves from God and His Word the society degenerates.

It appears the favorite color of evil is black.  Color brings joy and peace to the world.  The delightful rainbow God created never fails to bring joy and peace to onlookers.  As followers of God we too must strive to bring God’s colors to our world.  May our interactions with others bring them joy and peace—never strife.  As a matter of fact, let’s strive to encourage others by interacting with them in such a way that they feel “rewarded,” much like winning top ribbon at the fair. Lord, help me share Your love with all others in a way that helps them feel the value You have for them.

God’s Question: Will you look for the good in others today?

God’s Promise: My love will never cease.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for the beauty of colors You gave our world.

I am sorry I don’t always look for the good in others.

Thank You for Your Word that directs me to complete joy.

Help me share the beauty of joy and peace with others.

God’s Special Treasure

16 Apr

Exodus 19:  God speaks to Moses on Mt. Sinai and tells the requirements to be God’s special treasured people.

Lessons for Living Today:

God’s greatest delight is that we live joyful, contented lives. Its your choice He orchestrated the writing of His Words, collected in The Bible, over 1400 years, using 40 different authors, to explain how to be His special treasured people.  This book is like no others in that it contains the history of mankind from creation and ends with what to expect when this world ends.  The whole purpose of The Bible is to communicate God’s love for us and give us guidance for joyful and contented lives. We will discover a treasure trove of information that can transform a frustrated life into one full of joy and contentment.

Because we are God’s special creation, made in His image, He knows what will most bring us joy and contentment.  He is not hiding those instructions from us—it is all laid out in His Bible.  Throughout His Word we find explicit instructions to give us this abundant life.  If we do thus and so—then here is what will result.  A key word to watch for in reading The Bible is IF!  In verse 5 of this chapter it says “IF you will listen obediently to what I say and keep My covenant, out of all people’s you’ll by My special treasure.”

God’s instructions are not given to limit our freedoms but to set us truly free. As he did to Eve, Satan is still telling us that true freedom is being free from God.  But freedom from God means bondage to Satan. There is no neutral territory!  Because of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross we are set free from Satan’s curse of death.  Through Christ we experience life ABUNDANT here on earth and eternity with Him in heaven.  Death is simply the threshold of heaven for those who have chosen to be God’s special treasures.

God’s Question: Will you let My Word guide you to a joyful life?

God’s Promise: Joy unspeakable of available for all.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for Your joy that overshadows all sorrows.

I am sorry I don’t let Your joy flow through me more.

Thank You for Your blessed Word—the Words of life.

Help me allow the beauty of Jesus to be seen in me.

Rejoice Today–Complain Tomorrow

10 Apr

Exodus 15:  Song of rejoicing for the amazing way God delivered the Israelites’ from the Egyptians—then within a week the complaining begins.

Lessons for Living Today:

What a time of rejoicing for freedom.  RejoiceThe Israelites’ raised their voices together in song, rejoicing over God’s amazing deliverance from their task masters. All those plagues the Egyptians had endured yet the Israelites were not afflicted in the least.  And then the great deliverance through the Red Sea, on dry ground no less.  Yes, they finally realized they were free from the oppressions and on their way back home to Canaan.  I’m sure the sounds of rejoicing were heard for miles around.

If it weren’t for the mountain-tops of joy, the valleys of life would be hard to endure.  You would think we could carry some of our joy into the valleys with us, but far too often that doesn’t happen.  The Israelites were no different.  A few days after this great rejoicing they were back to complaining.  Goodness people!  You experienced firsthand God’s mighty power.  Don’t you think he will care for your basic needs going forward?  He wouldn’t deliver you in such a miraculous way and then leave you to die of thirst in the wilderness.  We are grateful that God considers that “we are but made of dust” and puts up with our complaining—and provides for our needs.

Looking back at these Bible stories it is so easy to see the faults of the people.  Because we know the end of the story their faults seem to be more glaring.  But what about me?  I am no different!  I have seen God’s mighty hand of provision, love and care.  Yet when overtaken with a challenge of life I too complain.  What about you?  Do we only turn to God in times of need to complain?  I’m feeling that if I would listen to Him and obey His Word my times of complaining would be fewer.  Thank You God for Your patience!

God’s Question: Will you just trust Me with your future?

God’s Promise: I am on your side and will comfort you.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for Your mighty power and grace.

I am sorry I don’t share Your grace more freely.

Thank You that I can trust You entirely.

Help me trust You and share Your love with others.

Overwhelmed With Joy

26 Jan

Genesis 17:1,2,  When Abram was 99 years old, God. . . .said. . . “I am the Strong God, live entirely before Me, live to the hilt! I’ll….give you a huge family.”  Overwhelmed, Abram fell flat on his face.

Lessons for Living Today:

Nothing is impossible for God.  froggieBut that does not mean He pulls out all the stops and gives us all a bed of roses for a life.  Why not?  Just look at the rich and famous and you can clearly see that wealth is not the key to happiness.  Neither is a clean bill of health.  There are scores of miserable people who are completely healthy and wealthy. By acknowledging God as Abram did and living entirely before Him, even living to the hilt, regardless of the circumstances we are completely overwhelmed with Joy.

God doesn’t take away all the bumps in our road but He travels with us.  He has said that as we draw near to him he draws near to us.  But how does one draw near to God?  God’s very Spirit is alive and connects to us as we read, meditate and pray through His Word the Bible. It is this connection with God that smooths out the bumps of life and gives overwhelming joy–whatever happens. In the joys and sorrows of life God’s presence makes all the difference.  Yes, even in great pain God’s presence overwhelms with joy.  His abiding presence provides a peace that passes understanding.

Are you overwhelmed with something about now?  So was Abram but instead of letting it control him he gave the control of his life’s circumstances over to God.  He lived in complete trust in God and God did not disappoint him.  He will not disappoint us either.  We can “live to the hilt” whatever our circumstances.  When God is for us it does not matter who is against us.  Joy is ours even when it seems all the odds are against us.  God’s presence is enough!

God’s Question: Could you use a little joy about now?

God’s Promise: I specializing in overwhelming with joy.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for your peace that passes understanding.

I am sorry I have ever felt discouraged or downhearted.

Thank You for always being available to give me joy.

Help me be at your beck and call to give joy to others.

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