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No Room!

20 Dec

God’s Word: Luke 2:1-7baby-jesus

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

Have you any room for Jesus?  Do you suppose the owner of the Inn that turned Mary and Joseph away wished later he would have given up his room and went to the barn himself?  How many times have you looked back and wished you would have made a different choice?  When making a choice, you are looking at the situation from one vantage point—yours!  That, my friend, is why the world is in so much chaos even today.  Everyone looks out for his own good, without regard to the welfare of others.

I offer you this information on making choices in your life.  Look for every opportunity to bless another person—regardless of what it may cost you.  Jesus came to earth to set the example.  His entire life was lived for others—to bless, encourage, teach and heal. Who is being blessed today because of what you are doing for others?  There is NO satisfaction in living to please self.  You are never satisfied.  Never!  Jesus’ example showed that instead, you should never be satisfied with the number of people you can bless.  Keep reaching out to more.

If there is NO ROOM in your heart to bless others, there is NO ROOM for Jesus.  Serving others is serving Jesus—literally.  Good deeds done to make you look good hold no satisfaction.  Only when you set self aside can begin to realize Jesus’ heart of love and compassion.  Emulate Jesus—become His hands and feet of mercy to a hurting world.  He considered no cost to be too great to offer you a room in heaven.  As a matter of fact, He promised that there is a room reserved with your name on it.  You could never do enough good to repay Him for shedding His life’s blood to purchase that room.

God’s Question: Who are you living to bless?

God’s Promise: My heart is blessed as I see you bless others.

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for Jesus’ willingness to suffer in my place.

I am Sorry I live so selfishly rather than for others.

Thank You for Jesus’ example for me to follow.

Please help me expand my heart to make room for others.


God wants to Speak to YOU!

21 Jan

This may be the most important blog I have ever written!

Have you ever struggled in how to go about reading the Bible and praying?  For the past fifty plus years I have been seeking nearness to God through His Word and prayer.  I have tried various methods and the following format has evolved to be my favorite.

Let God Speak.  Rather than reading the scripture and considering the audience for which it was written, I let God speak to me through my chosen verses.  The change, for me, has been amazing.  Rather than thinking of God out there somewhere speaking to a different audience, I invite Him to tell me what He wants me to hear from these verses.  Talk about drawing near to God!  This has done it for me.

A Starting Place. If looking for a starting place I suggest the New Testament.  Start in Matthew and choose a few verses or the whole chapter.  In order to truly draw near to God Jesus is the starting point.  The story of Jesus is the account of God Himself coming to earth to demonstrate His love for humanity.  What He has said to me will be totally different from what He will say to you–for He knows us each intimately and will personalize the message just for each reader.

Outlive Your Life.  I am currently in the process of putting all of my previous blogs written on the New Testament, into a book. (Over 500 pages worth)  This book is to be my legacy I will leave for my family and coming generations.  In this way I will be outliving my life and sharing my faith in God with my family who will be born long after my hands are still and cold.  To think that I can influence some great, great, great, great-grandchild toward the Lord thrills me beyond measure.  My plan is to print these books and have them distributed at my funeral. Morbid?  Not at all–that is planning ahead to bless my family in things of eternal importance.

Span the Chasm.  How I wish my grandmothers, who both died before I was born, had written such a book for me.  There is a chasm that can never be spanned when you lose that intimate spiritual connection with your ancestors.  (You too can put your thoughts into a book format of your choosing, printed very inexpensively at Lulu,com)

You be the Author. May I encourage you to draw near to God yourself, not simply by reading others experiences, but by creating your own daily times of drawing near to God.  You are welcome to copy and use this format that has blessed me so for many years.   Now it is your turn to be the author and let God speak to you personally–as He longs to do–because of His great love for you.  You can just do this orally or write it down, like I have done for many years.  Oh, what a blessing it is for me to re-read over my previous blogs and be reminded once again of what God has said to me.

I would love to hear from you about what this has meant to you.  Or perhaps share your own ideas about how you draw near to our Lord.   We are here to bless one another and I hope sharing this outline is a blessing to you.  by Ellen Landreth

(Your name)________  Little Visits with God

James 4:8 “Come close to God, and he will come close to you.”

Title _______________________________ (Added after you are finished writing)

Scripture _____________________________________________

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying to me through these verses)







God’s Question for me: (Based upon what God has said to you through this scripture)


God’s Promise to me: (Again, based upon all the above)


My Prayer to God: (The ACTS of Prayer in response to this conversation with God.)

  1. I Praise you for (Adoration)



  1. I am sorry for (Confession)



  1. Thank you for (Thanksgiving)



  1. Please help me (Supplication)

Thunder in the Dessert

24 Jul

Matthew 3: 1-17

Learning from Jesus’ Life:

When you hear the thunder you know the light will come soon.glens lightening The thunder, though harmless, loudly proclaims “Get ready for some action.  John, called the baptizer, served as the thunder with a wakeup call during Jesus’ short 33 years on planet earth.  “Prepare for God’s arrival!”  People came from far and wide to hear his message.  Suddenly Jesus showed up, asking John to baptize Him too.  When John balked Jesus said His baptism was the fulcrum for God’s work down through the centuries.  Jesus’ baptism initiated the action God was about to display before the world.

What was the action?  The life, death and resurrection of Jesus changed the course of history for all of time and eternity.  Though two thousand years have passed we are still benefitting from the action of Jesus.  God saw to it that the words and deeds of Jesus were recorded in the Bible so all future generations would be blessed by this good news.  And how is it blessed?  As we, His followers, follow the example of Jesus and share His message with others.  No one will ever know Jesus loves them unless we love them on His behalf.

We must let the beauty of Jesus be seen as we let His light shine through us. As we want Jesus to treat us, we must treat others.  As we hope to be forgiven, we must forgive.  The mercy we hope to receive we must give.  As patient as we are with others, He will be with us.  As we mirror Jesus attributes of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, forgiveness, it will be reflected back into our lives for eternity.  We can never out give God.  As we strive to let Jesus’ beauty shine through our lives—humanity is blessed.  Like John, let’s let our words and deeds proclaim the good news of Jesus.

God’s Question: What does the light of your life focus on?

God’s Promise: I will do for you what you have done for others.

My Prayer:

I praise You for the wonderful example of Jesus.

I am sorry I am not a better example for You.

Thank You for your mercy and forgiveness.

Help me to be a channel of Jesus’ love to my world.

God’s Promise Fulfilled

8 Jul

Matthew 1:15-25

Learning from Jesus’ Life:

Old Testament scholars know of God’s promise that a virgin would conceive and bear a son. Mary & Joseph They were waiting and watching for it to happen.  However, many had preconceived notions about what kind of woman God would choose.  Surely it would be someone famous with a lot of power.  They were hoping this promised one would come with lots of power to overcome the oppression the Romans had put on them.  Don’t you suppose many parents were praying their daughter would be the chosen one?  God had a different idea.  He chose Mary, a lowly peasant girl who had the perfect virtues to raise His son.

God knew the value of a loving father and he found that quality in Joseph, the man engaged to Mary.  God sent a messenger to both Mary and then Joseph to announce the coming birth.  They both followed the instructions completely—just as God knew they would.  How important it is that we all live our lives in such honest devotion as did Mary and Joseph.  Let’s look back a generation at the parents of Joseph and Mary.  We learn a lot about them through the words and deeds of their children.  As parents we are called to train our children in the scriptures so they will know how to be successful in the things of life that really matter.

Even more important than the training of our children is our example lived before them.  The strength of a society is founded in the home.  What children fail to see in their parents they seldom achieve.    God knows that because marriage between a man and a woman and the family unit was His idea.  Let us humble ourselves before God and accept the responsibility of raising our children as Mary and Joseph raised Jesus—ready to follow God’s call wherever it may lead.   We are imperfect parents following a perfect God.

God’s Question: Are you willing to follow My lead?

God’s Promise: I am ever-present to those who follow Me.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for Mary and Joseph’s example for us.

I am sorry my children didn’t have a better example in me.

Thank You for filling in the gaps where I failed.

Help me encourage others to follow You.

“If”–Little Word–Big Meaning

6 Jul

Leviticus 26

Lessons for Living Today:

“If” you get out of bed and go to work you will receive a paycheck.  if-only“If” you choose to sleep in and ignore work—no check for you. Life is full of “if” choices.  People who make poor choices end up by saying “if only. . .”  Start paying attention to how often you use the word “if.” Instead of saying “If I get up early and go out and weed I can beat the heat,” replace it with “I am going to get up early and go out and weed so I will beat the heat.”  The word “if” shows indecision. Whenever you use or hear the work “if” it means there is a choice to be made—and consequences will naturally follow.

God created us with freedom of choice.  His Word is the manual that was given to help us maneuver through the choices of life.  In it He has provided stories of the lives of people who have gone before us, the choices they made, and the consequences they endured, whether good or ill.  He often said to these people, “If you do thus and so then I will do thus and so.”  They knew ahead of time the consequences of their choices and were free to make choices.  You see, God can see the future so He knows what will result from all choices we make.  He wants to help us have a bright future.

When God warns us against something it is in order to bless us.  He loves us so much that Jesus came to earth to demonstrate that love by sacrificing His life to show the extent of His love.  He has given an open invitation to “whoever will believe in Jesus” to come to Him for forgiveness.  We are given lists of the benefits of following Jesus and lists of the consequences of ignoring His offer.  We can look around us at the lives of others, some who follow Jesus and others who curse Him.  We can see the best life is enjoyed by those who follow Jesus.  Lest we judge the Christian too harshly we must remember that Christians aren’t perfect, just forgiven.    

God’s Question: Will you accept My love and forgiveness?

God’s Promise: Life eternal in My presence for My followers.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for the wonderful guidance in Your Bible.

I am sorry I don’t do a better job of following Your Word.

Thank You for Your ready forgiveness and encouragement.

Help me determine to follow You, no “ifs” about it.

When God Doesn’t Make Sense

3 Jul

Leviticus 25

Lessons for Living Today:

Some of God’s instructions in the Bible don’t make sense. Question mark That is because He is “all-seeing and all-knowing.”  In the spiritual realm, in which He exists, there are no “time” limitations like we experience here on earth.  In this chapter he instructed the people to give their land a rest every seven years.  They were told to not plant or harvest but only eat that which voluntarily grows.  Then every 50 years was the year of Jubilee.  All land reverted to its original owner and again they were not to plant nor reap.  “But that doesn’t make sense, what will we eat?” the people cried out.  God’s reply: “I assure you, I will send such a blessing in the sixth year, (or the 50th year of Jubilee) that the land will yield enough for three years.”

When God’s instructions go against our common sense, we trust Him to provide whatever we need.  Suppose Jesus has responded “that doesn’t make sense” when He received the instructions to die on behalf of sinners?  Our view of what makes sense is strongly influenced by “what’s in it for me?” We want to see the unknown future to be sure we are going to benefit somehow.  While we can’t see the future, we have a record of God’s past dealing with humanity in the Bible.  We can know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that what God says, God will do.  God is trustworthy.

We often realize we can’t even trust ourselves.  What we say we will do, we often fail to do.  Whether it be eating healthy, losing weight, reading the Bible, or exercising regularly.  We make ourselves promises we do not keep.  God’s promises will be kept.  Every word of God is a promise for it is impossible for God to lie.  Yes, Jesus will return, there is a heaven and hell, and we make our choice as to where to spend eternity while we live our lives.  God can be trusted to keep His word and He is where I place My trust!

God’s Question: Have you checked out My promises lately?

God’s Promise: My Bible provides you with eternal hope.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for Your amazing and wonderful promises.

I am sorry I often live according to my selfish pleasures.

Thank You for reminding me that only You can be trusted.

Help me live daily completely trusting in You.  

Foundation Stones

26 Jun

Leviticus 22

Lessons for Living Today:

Why is God so particular about the sacrifices given?  cornerstoneAnimals offered to God were to be perfect and not flawed in any way.  The Israelites were not to keep back the cream of the crop and give God the lame.  There are far more life lessons in this that meets the eye.  We people are so self-focused that we naturally skim off the cream for ourselves before sharing the milk.  That kind of thinking and living leads society down a dead-end path.  In learning to give God our best we are actually learning that He wants us to share our best with others as well.  Major foundation stone for life.

Learning the extreme value of offering a perfect animal laid the foundation for God offering His perfect son as our sacrifice.  When only the best will do—God offered His best to us.  Jesus became our perfect sacrifice, as a lamb without stain or blemish, to take away the sins of the world.  The blood of the perfect animals had to be repeated over and over.  The blood of Jesus was offered once for all time, finishing off the offering of animals.  God said Jesus was the very corner-stone upon which our faith is built.

God no longer dwells in the temple, attended to by priests and the offering of animals as a sacrifice.  Jesus death and resurrection initiated all believers into the presence of God. God now dwells within those who believe in Jesus and live according to God’s directives.  Belief is a major foundation stone for eternal life.  Jesus died in order to purchase our forgiveness, our salvation.  Living for Jesus is the mission of believers.  Living for Jesus is evidenced in the way we treat others.  The fruit of His spirit indwelling us is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.  True believers live what they believe.

God’s Question: What is the foundation of your life?

God’s Promise: I am God!  I will never leave or forsake you!

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for Jesus sacrifice for our sins.

I am sorry I do not sacrifice my own needs more for others.

Thank You for Your love that knows no bounds.

Help me to love others on Your behalf.

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