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How to Live Expectantly

17 Oct

ScriptureI Thessalonians 5

WHEN WILL JESUS return?  People have been predicting it for years upon end.  TheLive-Expectantly scriptures tell us when it will be!  When we least expect it!  Well then, how can we get ready if we don’t know when it will happen?  Live each day expectantly!  This chapter gives us some good advice about how to live expectantly.  To start off it says to not sleepwalk through life.  Live with purpose and let that purpose be the same as Christ’s, to honor God in all we do. 

JESUS DIED FOR us—a death that triggered life.  Because death could not conquer Him, we who believe in and follow Him to God, will also overcome death with life.  Whether we are awake with the living or asleep with the dead, we’re alive with Him.  Encourage one another to keep on keeping on in the faith for we know that our hope is not in vain.  He will return for He said He would, and it is impossible for God to lie. 

HOW TO BEST encourage one another begins with getting along with each other.  God provides us with all the tools for getting along; things like patience, kindness, gentleness, love, forgiveness, etc.  Too often we leave the tools in the toolbox and snap at each other.  Instead we are challenged to look for the best in each other and do our best to bring it out.  Be cheerful no matter what; always pray; thank God no matter what happens.  It is those simple everyday things that prepare us for Jesus to return at any moment.  Let’s welcome Him with open arms!

  • Adoration: We are blessed by Your Word that holds the Words of Life.
  • Confession: We too often ignore the tools you provide for a joyful life.
  • Thanksgiving: Thank You that we can know with assurance that Jesus will return.
  • Supplication: Help us to live expectantly, being cheerful, praying and grateful.

God’s Question for me: What will you do today to get ready for Christ’s return?

God’s Promise to me: Every knee will bow before Christ when He returns.  Your assignment is to share His love throughout your life, so others will get ready for His return.  




The Classroom of Life

3 Dec

God’s WordPsalms 119:33-40lifes-lessons

God’s Attribute: Teaches

God’s Message to me:

Your whole life is the classroom and I am the patient teacher who never gives up on you.  I am here to help you learn the lessons for living life abundantly and stay right on course.  If you seek it—I will give insight for living that will help you live your life on a plain that is elevated far above the circumstances of your life.  Your obedient response to the lessons I am teaching you can turn your life into a freeway of easy traveling right into My presence.

How easily mankind’s attention is diverted from My words of wisdom and turned to piling up loot.  The toys and trinkets of life divert your attention from the direction I am leading you.  Your life does not consist of what you possess but who possesses you.  Therefore, do not worry about what you will eat or drink or anything related to this life.  Instead, focus on what I am teaching you through it all and how you can reach out to and encourage others to travel down the freeway I have provided.

My promises will never fail—they are for your counsel.  They provide   you with hope and a future.  They are meant to give you cheer—which gives your body health.  Yes, your whole life is a classroom full of wonderful discoveries that you can use to bless and encourage others.

God’s Question for me

Can I count on you to learn your lessons well and share your discoveries with others?

God’s Promise to me

The teachings in my Word will invigorate your life and give meaning to your days.

My Prayer to Emulate God’s Attributes:  I Pledge:

My mind: To make it my life’s goal to honor You with my thoughts.

My voice:  To use all my words to encourage and bless others.

My heart:  To love others as though it were You I was loving.

My body:  To serve others as though it were You I was serving.

Time is Just About Up

7 Mar

God’s Word:  Revelation 1:1-20

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)time

The land beyond time is just a heartbeat away.  Time belongs to life on earth but My realm is eternal—the land beyond time.  Your life on earth is My gift to you.  My Words in the Bible are given to provide you with hope and a future—a future that is eternal in My presence.  My love for you is permeated throughout My Word.  My love was made flesh in Jesus Christ as He sacrificially died to demonstrate the depth of My love. Every emotion you experience, He experienced—I experienced.  We know what it is like to live life in the flesh.

You are invited to join Me in the land beyond time. The earthly life is one of many challenges, many pains and sorrows amidst the joys.  Tears flow; hearts ache, bodies fail, but in My land beyond time there is nothing but joy unspeakable and full of glory.  I have gifted you with the Bible to invite you into My realm of eternal life.  I love you with an undying love and I personally experience both the joys and sorrows of your life.  I have gifted you with free choice and at times you have made some sorrowful choices and had to live with the consequences.

Consequences are stepping stones to maturity and abundant life.  Your body responds to what you put into it and how you take care of it—a natural consequence.  Even death is a natural consequence of life.  No life—no death!  Know life—know death.  Death is not something to fear but to prepare for.  Life is temporary—death is eternal.  Why spend all your time, energy and finances on that which is temporary? So live the times of your life with eternity’s values in view.  Those values are found in the Bible and will give you peace and joy not only on this earth for eternally in My presence.  Oh how I hope to see you here.

God’s Question:

What is the focus of the times of your life?

God’s Promise:

Joy unspeakable and full of glory!

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for Your Word that gives us joy and hope.

I am Sorry I too often put my focus on this life.

Thank You for Your loving Word that guides my life.

Please Help Me live with eternities values in view.

Hope for the Future

12 Oct

Proverbs 23:17-18

Sterling Principle # 14No hope

Don’t for a minute envy careless rebels; soak yourself in the fear-of-God—that’s where your future lies.  Then you won’t be left with an armload of nothing.

Without hope for the future there is no peace in the present.  Those who seek notoriety by senseless killing have neither.  The seeds of fame are planted in their hearts as they read of others who achieved notoriety by killing.  If they would have known the Bible they would been warned against envy of carless rebels and the antidote—respect for God. Instead they exchanged the peace God could give them with an armload of nothing.

We who bask in God’s peace in our daily lives must double our efforts at sharing God’s antidote.  We must not sequester ourselves in holy huddles and point fingers at sinners.  We must discover new and creative ways of sharing God’s love. We share His love by reaching out to those in need.  God has given each of us abilities and passions that are to be used to share His love and peace with others.

By planting seeds of kindness to those in need we are showing respect to God.  That is the antidote to ending up with an armload of nothing.  When we use all of our time, energy and passions in padding our own bank accounts—we are actually encouraging the careless rebels of society to carry out their evil deeds.  Let’s be about the business of sharing God’s peace, found in His Word, in order to give others hope for the future.  The future is in our hands.

God’s Question: Will you share My hope and peace with another?

God’s Promise: I comfort those who comfort others.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for Your amazing peace that soothes our ills.

I am sorry I hoard Your peace instead of sharing it.

Thank You for Your precious Word that instills hope.

Help me be a “carrier” of Your love and hope to others.

From Rags to Riches

9 Mar

Genesis 41:39-40  So Pharaoh said to Joseph, “You’re the man for us.  God has given you the inside story—no one is as qualified as you in experience and wisdom.  From now on, you’re in charge of my affairs; all my people will report to you.  Only as King will I be over you.”

Lessons for Living Today:

Joseph may have been the first victim of human trafficking.  joseph-pit-slideJust think, his own brothers sold him because of jealousy.  But Joseph took the high road.  Instead of mourning his lot in life he honored God in all he did.  He did not blame God for the troubles he was in.  He did the very best he could amidst his circumstances by serving others.  Because he was faithful in troubled times, God elevated him to be second only to the king.

What is the story of your life?  Are you in the midst of troubled times because of your own choices or because of others choices?  Take heart!  You are in charge of writing the ending to your story.  The choices you make from here on out determine your destiny.  By putting ourselves in Joseph’s place and responding to negative circumstances in a positive way we can change our destiny.  Don’t borrow sorrow from tomorrow—instead let’s do our best every day.

We can all have a rags to riches life story.  Sometimes we say “if only. . . thus and so. . .things would be different for me.”  If things are ever going to be different for me it will be because of the choices I make in the hard times.  I must become that different person I want to be today if I want things to change in my future.  That is the attitude Joseph had. He took the rags of his present and used them to weave the riches for the future—even the future he could not see. God was his hope and stay when he could not see tomorrow.

God’s Question: Will you trust me for tomorrow?

God’s Promise: Strength for the day, rest for the labor, light for the way.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You that You are completely trustworthy.

I am sorry I have ever worried over my future.

Thank You for Your amazing provision.

Help me serve others as unto You.

Where is the Peace?

24 Nov

God’s Word Revelation 18:1-24  (The Message)

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

Peace on earth is entirely without your reach. peace on earth I created you with the capacity and the ability to live in peace.  What has happened? The love of money has turned heads away from peace and has exploited justice for all. The power money generates is pure poison.  It turns humanity into monsters that devour any in its path.  Take a good look at the path of life you are traveling on.  What are you leaving in your wake?  Are those you interact with being helped or harmed by your words and deeds?  A time is coming when I will have had enough and will step in and bring an end to the world and all its chaos.

You sing “let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.”  I am the fountain of all peace and you are welcome to drink from My fountain at any time.  Jesus came to show the world the path to peace. That pathway is filled with giving instead of getting.  Take a look back at the pathway you have trod.  Who has been blessed because you chose that path of life?  Surely none have been exploited because of your choices. I know you desire to be a blessing to others.  My challenge to you is to bless others—even those who seek to harm you.

You are My beacon of hope and peace to the world.  Will you light the way for all those your life touches?  Spread peace and joy, no matter what circumstances you face.  Peace is not something that can be bought with money.  It is My gift to those who come to Me in the midst of the trials and troubles life has sent their way.  Do not let the lure of money turn your head away from My call to your heart.  It promises peace and plenty but it cannot deliver anything but greed and more greed.  Contentment is the greatest gift you can pass on to your descendants.  In contentment therein is peace that passes understanding.

God’s Question: How will you spread peace today?

God’s Promise: Inner peace in the midst of life’s storms.

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for Your abundant peace in My heart.

I am Sorry I ever worry and fret over circumstances.

Thank You that I know You are always with me.

Please Help Me be Your beacon of peace and joy in my world.

The Ultimate Concert

4 Nov

God’s WordRevelation 5:1-14  (The Message)

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

Applications are available to join the ultimate concert. SingingThis will be a concert to pale the largest and most beautiful concert the world has ever known.  You say you don’t have much of a voice—you will sing in perfect pitch on that day.  This concert will take place at the end of time in heaven.  And it won’t be just human voices joining together.  Every creature in heaven and earth, in underworld and sea will all join together in singing praise at My throne.  What a day that will be!  If you miss it—it won’t be because I didn’t give you an invitation.

Everyone is invited to this grand celebration.  You will find your personal invite within the pages of the Bible.  I provided the Bible and have entrusted you with the responsibility of sharing its promises with others—throughout the world.  There is plenty of room in My heaven for every person ever born.  But I don’t force anyone to join Me.  You are free to choose where you wish to spend eternity.  Some think they can just set on the fence regarding where they spend eternity but that just isn’t so.  There are only two choices—heaven with Me or hell with the devil and his angels.

Sadly, many reject My Word and come up with all sorts of alternative belief systems.    I made the world and everything in it and some choose to ignore My goodness to them and worship the things I have created or false gods.  Once mankind ignores My Word there are no limits to the degradation that will overtake society.  Look around you and you will see many examples.  People purposely kill their own babies before they take a breath of life.  Daily there are murders, rapes, robbery, and dishonesty on every hand.  But you are My ambassador of hope and peace to share My invite to join in the ultimate concert.

God’s Question: Who have you invited to My ultimate concert?

God’s Promise: Salvation through Jesus is the concert ticket.

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for Your wonderful invitation.

I am Sorry we aren’t sharing it with others more.

Thank You for the hope of eternity with You.

Please Help Me faithfully follow You and invite others.

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