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God Guides

23 Dec

God’s Word:  Matthew 2wise-men

God’s Message:   (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

The Wise Men followed My star to find Mary, Joseph and Jesus.  Along the way, they encountered the arch-enemy of the child Jesus—Herod—the power-hungry king who even murdered his own sons to prevent them from taking his place as king.  “What?” Herod said. “There has been a new-born king?”  Herod pretended desire to worship this new king and told the Wise Men to let him know where He had been born.

An angel was sent to warn the wise men not to return to Herod.  Joseph too was warned by an angel to flee from Bethlehem to Egypt, because Herod was on the hunt for the child.  He obeyed and fled to Egypt.  Wicked Herod, enraged that he could not find the child, ordered all baby boys near Bethlehem murdered.  Joseph and his family remained in Egypt until after the death of Herod.  Once again, I sent an angel to tell Joseph it was safe to return home.

As I guided the circumstances around the birth and life of Jesus, I too am willing and eager to guide your life.  And I have a distinct vantage point that you are unable to see.  I can see the result of each of your choices.  Even though some of your foolish choices lead you down blind alleys—I will never leave nor forsake the one who turns to Me.  Instead of waiting until you are facing a brick wall—invite My guidance in your daily decisions.  My path doesn’t always lead through a rose garden but My daily presence in your life can give the bleakest of circumstances the fragrance of peace and inner joy.

God’s Question:  Are you happy with where your life is going?  Could you use a little help from Me?  I only come to help when invited.

God’s Promise:  The one who obeys the leading in My Word can be assured of My daily guiding presence.  Never will I turn from you.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for your promise of guidance and I give myself to You.

I am sorry I am so easily tempted to stray from your guiding wisdom.

Thank You for forgiving and accepting me back into Your grace.

Help me to look to Your Word and listen to Your guidance.



How to Help a Fool

5 Oct

Sterling Principle # 9

Proverbs 23:9fool

Don’t bother talking sense to fools;  they’ll only poke fun at your words.

How to identify a fool?  The dictionary definition of a fool is a person who lacks good sense or judgment: a stupid or silly person.  We all act foolishly at times.  But there are some people who plain lack common sense and good judgment—all the time.  You can spend all your time trying to bring a foolish person up to speed in the common sense arena but they just don’t get it.

There are certainly different levels of foolishness.  Some simply have never been trained in the common courtesies of life so they act foolishly.  Others have a mental deficiency because of the foolishness of their parents in using drugs or alcohol when they were conceived. Some are foolish because of some unknown birth defect. Others behave foolishly because of the type of people they choose as friends.  And then there are those that have chosen this lifestyle because they have embraced that which is abominable to God.

While this verse tells us not to waste our time trying to talk sense to a fool, it does not say we should ignore them.  To ignore them is a disservice to society.  They need our compassion and guidance in order to not become a burden to their families or communities.  Every person, no matter their mental state, needs love and compassion.  We need to be sure these folks are trained to bring out the best in them for in reaching out to them we will also bring out the best in ourselves.

God’s Question: Are you ignoring or benefiting foolish folks?

God’s Promise: Hate a fool—hate Me!

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for the common sense wisdom of Proverbs.

I am sorry I have too often acted foolishly.

Thank You for reminding me to help foolish people.

Help me always try to bring out the best in all others.

When God Draws Near

22 May

Exodus 40:  Moses finishes the work and sets up the Tabernacle.

Lessons for Living Today:

God sent Moses as His ambassador to the people of Israel.  tabernacleAs God instructed Moses, Moses instructed the people.  God’s directions for the building of the Tabernacle were followed completely and it was a wonder to behold. Its location was in the very center of the camp, also at God’s instructions.   When God is guiding we can be sure He is also providing.  To show the people that he approved of their work and was near to them 24/7 he provided a visible sign.  A cloud hovered over the Tabernacle during day and at night it changed to a cloud of fire, providing light.

God’s cloud indicated God’s presence.  The people felt the nearness of God as they continually witnessed the miracle of the cloud and the cloud of fire.   When the cloud began to move they packed up and followed the cloud.  When it stopped, they made camp.  Their very lives were built around this “presence” of God in their midst.  I would like to travel back in time and make a visit to that camp and see and feel this nearness of God.

Does the absence of God’s cloud and fire mean He is no longer present with us?   Not at all!  We have been blessed with something far better—and even nearer. When Jesus returned to heaven, following His death, resurrection and the 40 days He walked the earth after His resurrection, He left us with a promise.  God’s very Holy Spirit has come to dwell within the heart of those who believe the Words of Jesus which are in reality, the Words of God.  God Himself said “Draw near to me and I will draw near to you!”  God’s Word is His promise.  The Bible is how we draw near to God.  To leave the Bible out of the equation is to forfeit God’s presence.       

God’s Question: Will you come into My presence today?

God’s Promise: My Word provides My presence.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for Your abiding nearness.

I am sorry I get so busy that I ignore You.

Thank You for Your presence I can even feel.

Help me share Your love so others can know Your love.

God’s Amazing GPS

8 Apr

Exodus 13:  God led the Israelites’ from Egypt to Canaan in an amazing way. (God’s Powerful System)

Lessons for Living Today:

The shortest and easiest route is not always the best.  pillarsGod not only delivered His people out of Egypt and slavery, but now he provided them with His GPS system to guide their trip.  They would have chosen the shortest route but God knew there would be major distractions along that road.  So God led them on the wilderness road.  Can’t you just hear those people grumbling?  But when they looked up and saw God’s GPS at work, they were in awe.

God’s Powerful System included a pillar of cloud and a pillar of fire.  What?  Yes, God led them by a pillar of cloud during the day and a pillar of fire during the night—both in the sky above the people.  When the pillars moved on, the people moved on.  When the pillars stopped, the people camped.   This was all done in military formation so it was no haphazard maneuver.  This must have given the thousands of people great comfort to see God’s guidance system 24/7.  Whenever they feared or doubted—they just looked up!

This same God still provides His people with His own GPS 24/7. No, there isn’t a pillar of cloud above, or a pillar of fire, but He is even closer than that.  He makes His home in our hearts through our simple belief in Him as we look to His Word for guidance.  Those in this passage did not have God’s recorded Word for guidance, but we now do.  How does it guide us?  As we read our spirits are knit together with His and He gives us inspiration and understanding.  It is every bit as miraculous as the pillars of cloud and fire.  Whatever our need—God’s Word supplies the perfect balm.  Fear, pain, sorrow, poverty, danger—whatever our need—God provides the answer as we interact with Him through His Word.

God’s Question: Are you following my GPS of life eternal?

God’s Promise: My Word gives you strength without boundaries.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for Your precious Word that guides my life.

I am sorry I don’t tune into Your GPS even more often.

Thank You for providing just what I need through Your Word.

Help me read Your Word, follow Your Word, share Your Word.

Take the Plunge!

24 Jul

God’s Word: Romans 4:1-25

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

Every day of your life you face turning points.  taking the plungeUnless you put on your “faith goggles” they pass you by.  You put them on by looking to My Word for wisdom and guidance then acting on what you believe I am calling you to do.  Abraham of old set the example for wearing “faith goggles.”  Sometimes they slipped down on his nose and he faltered but he got them back in place and believed Me for the impossible and I did not fail him.  I will not fail you either—but first you must don the “faith goggles” and take the plunge!

“If you are a hard worker and do a good job, you deserve your pay; we don’t call your wages a gift.  But if you see a job that is too big for you, that it’s something only God can do, and you trust Him to do it—you could never do it for yourself no matter how hard and long you worked—well, that trusting-Him-to-do-it is what gets you set right with God, by God.  Sheer gift!”

What is stopping you from taking the plunge?  I planted those seeds of passion and desires and abilities within.  You know what they are but keep holding back because you think it is too big for you to attempt.  You falter in lack of faith.  Look to My Word for My promises and then put on My “faith goggles” and just take the plunge because I will be with you.  That does not mean everything you put your hand to will be a smashing success.  Not so, because you will often falter along the way.  Don’t allow a temporary disappointment to get you off track.  Each derailment is an opportunity to learn something new and adjust your “goggles” and dive back in.

God’s Question: Do you not realize that I want the best for you?

God’s Promise: I will never leave you nor forsake you.

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for Your Word of truth and promise.

I am Sorry I don’t take the plunge more completely.

Thank You for reminding me You are always there.

Please Help Me plunge into what most honors You.

Find a Way

25 Feb

God’s Word: Luke 19:1-10

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

What challenge are you facing? jumping fish Find a way over, through or around. When you make the effort to do your part I will do my part.  In this passage a man desperately wanted to do something and found a way to make it happen—even though it was quite out of character for him.  And because he did his part—Jesus stepped up and rewarded him with a personal visit to his home.  That visit changed everything for the man, who was a rich tax collector.  He saw the error of his way and determined to give away half of his income to the poor and if he cheats he will pay back four times what he took.

Don’t sit back and wait for opportunity to come knocking.  You know your talents and passions so follow them.  I have opportunities just waiting for you to step into.  Polish your talents! Deepen your passions!  Absorb My Word!  There you will find your opportunity.  I lead those who use My Word as their guide and motivation.  My children listen to My voice—as I speak to them through My Word.  I am waiting for you there.  As you read, pray for understanding, and as you keep at it I will meet with you there and open the eyes of your heart.  My Word is far more than the ink on the page.

I am on your side and want you to be successful. My Word is the passage to discover and develop the best use of your talents and passions.  You can use them in personal endeavors unrelated to Me but to maximize your potential you must meet with Me in My Word for direction and discovery.  There is a world waiting for you that you do not even begin to comprehend apart from My Word.  I am waiting for you there—I will meet with you there—and together we will find the way for you to discover the reason I gave you life.

God’s Question: Have you invited Me to help you find a way?

God’s Promise: My Word will help you discover your “way.”

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for the way You meet me in Your Word.

I am Sorry for not meeting You there more often.

Thank You for Your revealing Word of hope.

Please help me wrap my passions around your purposes.

More Than Just Stories

12 Aug

God’s Word: Mark 4:26-34

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

Everyone loves a good story.  story-time-jesusStories feed the imagination, entertain and teach life lessons.  They reach out and grab your attention.  Jesus was never without a story when He taught.  He fit the stories to the experience and maturity of his listeners.  The purpose of His stories was to open the eyes of the heart to understand the heart of God.  They had much more value than just entertainment.  His stories instructed in how to live a successful life here on earth—with purpose—and prepared the hearers for the life to come after death.

What kind of stories are you drawn to?   If you were a writer, what kind of stories would you write?  What is the purpose of the stories you tell?  To entertain, to draw attention to yourself, to your cause or advancement, or to point mankind to Jesus.  I have filled the Bible with stories that can be used to teach about My kingdom.  There are stories that speak to all ages of people.  In the story of Daniel being thrown in the Lion’s Den you learn about courage to stand up for what is right in the face of impossible odds.  In the story of Noah you learn the value of obeying God when the request seemed nearly possible and impractical.

Life is short.  Choose stories to share with others that will encourage and build them up and point them to what is truly valuable in life.  I created the world for mankind—that I might have a relationship with each and every person on earth.  My plans are to give them a hope and a future.  You are my hands and feet, my voice to share My good news with others—using stories that are more than just stories.  Follow Jesus example and tell His stories that don’t just entertain but prepare a person to live a life of victory—on purpose.

God’s Question: Do the stories you read help you be a better person?

God’s Promise: The greatest treasure of stories is found in My Word.

 knee mail

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for the stories of Your Bible.

I am Sorry I do not share those stories more often.

Thank You for urging me to share your stories more.

Please help me to use stories for more than entertainment.

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