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No Room!

20 Dec

God’s Word: Luke 2:1-7baby-jesus

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

Have you any room for Jesus?  Do you suppose the owner of the Inn that turned Mary and Joseph away wished later he would have given up his room and went to the barn himself?  How many times have you looked back and wished you would have made a different choice?  When making a choice, you are looking at the situation from one vantage point—yours!  That, my friend, is why the world is in so much chaos even today.  Everyone looks out for his own good, without regard to the welfare of others.

I offer you this information on making choices in your life.  Look for every opportunity to bless another person—regardless of what it may cost you.  Jesus came to earth to set the example.  His entire life was lived for others—to bless, encourage, teach and heal. Who is being blessed today because of what you are doing for others?  There is NO satisfaction in living to please self.  You are never satisfied.  Never!  Jesus’ example showed that instead, you should never be satisfied with the number of people you can bless.  Keep reaching out to more.

If there is NO ROOM in your heart to bless others, there is NO ROOM for Jesus.  Serving others is serving Jesus—literally.  Good deeds done to make you look good hold no satisfaction.  Only when you set self aside can begin to realize Jesus’ heart of love and compassion.  Emulate Jesus—become His hands and feet of mercy to a hurting world.  He considered no cost to be too great to offer you a room in heaven.  As a matter of fact, He promised that there is a room reserved with your name on it.  You could never do enough good to repay Him for shedding His life’s blood to purchase that room.

God’s Question: Who are you living to bless?

God’s Promise: My heart is blessed as I see you bless others.

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for Jesus’ willingness to suffer in my place.

I am Sorry I live so selfishly rather than for others.

Thank You for Jesus’ example for me to follow.

Please help me expand my heart to make room for others.


The Classroom of Life

3 Dec

God’s WordPsalms 119:33-40lifes-lessons

God’s Attribute: Teaches

God’s Message to me:

Your whole life is the classroom and I am the patient teacher who never gives up on you.  I am here to help you learn the lessons for living life abundantly and stay right on course.  If you seek it—I will give insight for living that will help you live your life on a plain that is elevated far above the circumstances of your life.  Your obedient response to the lessons I am teaching you can turn your life into a freeway of easy traveling right into My presence.

How easily mankind’s attention is diverted from My words of wisdom and turned to piling up loot.  The toys and trinkets of life divert your attention from the direction I am leading you.  Your life does not consist of what you possess but who possesses you.  Therefore, do not worry about what you will eat or drink or anything related to this life.  Instead, focus on what I am teaching you through it all and how you can reach out to and encourage others to travel down the freeway I have provided.

My promises will never fail—they are for your counsel.  They provide   you with hope and a future.  They are meant to give you cheer—which gives your body health.  Yes, your whole life is a classroom full of wonderful discoveries that you can use to bless and encourage others.

God’s Question for me

Can I count on you to learn your lessons well and share your discoveries with others?

God’s Promise to me

The teachings in my Word will invigorate your life and give meaning to your days.

My Prayer to Emulate God’s Attributes:  I Pledge:

My mind: To make it my life’s goal to honor You with my thoughts.

My voice:  To use all my words to encourage and bless others.

My heart:  To love others as though it were You I was loving.

My body:  To serve others as though it were You I was serving.

What an Opportunity!

16 Jun

Leviticus 15

Lessons for Living Today:

You and I face great opportunities every day.  love, serve, repeatWe have daily numerous opportunities to help our fellow human beings.  The sad, lonely, discouraged, poor, sick and fearful are found at every turn.  We are the ones that God has chosen to reach out and touch those we come in contact with.  But who are we—that God would choose us to be His hands and feet of mercy?  God’s intention is that all those who have had the eyes of their heart open to Him—through His living Word—would be His ambassadors.

To serve others on behalf of God is the highest calling this earth affords.  He has chosen the least likely position, that of a servant, to elevate to the most important task on earth.  And what better way to serve than on God’s behalf.  Everyone wants to be served the best life has to offer. And it isn’t easy finding people who want to serve others.  Most are busy looking for someone to serve them.  Whatever task we do, whether it is sewing, building, teaching, creating, healing, cooking, or whatever, do it as unto God.

How honored we would be to be called into the courts of God to serve Him.  We have been!  To serve another is the same as serving God.  He takes our treatment of every other person personally.  There is not one way we treat others, and another way we treat God.  They are the same.  Let us not say to another what we would never say to God.  May we never treat another any differently that we would treat God.  By serving others we have the opportunity to actually step into God’s presence, bow before Him and let our service bring him joy.  It is our daily privilege to offer our words and deeds of service to every human we come in contact with.

God’s Question: Who have you served as unto Me today?

God’s Promise: You receive from Me what you give others.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for this simple way we can serve You.

I am sorry I too often forget to see You as I serve others.

Thank You for this great opportunity to serve others for You.

Help me willingly and eagerly reach out in service to others.

God’s Favorite Colors?

28 Apr

Exodus 26:  God’s instructions for building the Holy room.

Lessons for Living Today:

If you were building a special room that depicted the essence of “you” wouldn’t you choose your favorite colors? ribbons When God gave the directions, in this passage, for building the special room where His Spirit would dwell he chose blue, purple, and scarlet for the curtains.  And in those curtains were woven an angel-cherubim design. What colors and design would you choose to depict your essence?  In addition to the colors, God’s instructions also included the type of wood, animal skins and precious metals to be used.

We find God’s choice of colors still being used as award ribbons at fairs and other competitions.  Blue, purple, and scarlet depict the top honors.  (I personally like it that the top honor is given with the purple ribbon.)  If we look around at our world we see many instances where the origin came from God’s Word: marriage, the Church, baptism, laws, ecology, fairness, forgiveness, patience, and on and on.  We would expect this since God is the creator and sustainer of our world.  When people separate themselves from God and His Word the society degenerates.

It appears the favorite color of evil is black.  Color brings joy and peace to the world.  The delightful rainbow God created never fails to bring joy and peace to onlookers.  As followers of God we too must strive to bring God’s colors to our world.  May our interactions with others bring them joy and peace—never strife.  As a matter of fact, let’s strive to encourage others by interacting with them in such a way that they feel “rewarded,” much like winning top ribbon at the fair. Lord, help me share Your love with all others in a way that helps them feel the value You have for them.

God’s Question: Will you look for the good in others today?

God’s Promise: My love will never cease.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for the beauty of colors You gave our world.

I am sorry I don’t always look for the good in others.

Thank You for Your Word that directs me to complete joy.

Help me share the beauty of joy and peace with others.

How to Lift Your Spirits

25 Nov

God’s WordRevelation 19:1-21  (The Message)

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

Giving praise lifts your spirits in a way nothing else can.  power of wordsWhy? I made you to be a praise-giver.  When you neglect praise your spirits droop. Who and how to praise?  Look for the good in those around you and give them a word of encouragement—a praise.  Be genuine and do it for no other reason than to lift their spirits.  You will find that it instantly lifts your spirits also.  Get in the habit of this—daily.  You will enjoy your lot in life so much more, whatever your circumstances.

Whatever your lot in life at this moment you can find much to express thankfulness—praise, for.  Too often people focus on what they don’t have and want, rather on what they do have. At first you will have to remind yourself often of all you do have.  Can you imagine what it is like for Me to listen to the prayers of so many?  How refreshing it is to hear praise rather than constant complaints and requests.  So often the requests are so foolish.  The complaints make them feel even worse.  That is why My Word says DON’T WORRY!

You will find, in My Word, that heaven will be full of praise.  Since heaven will be full of praise, don’t you know you can have a taste of heaven on earth by focusing on praise?  Ignoring Me and praising others will lift your spirits some but praising Me and then others will give you a taste of heaven and your spirits will really soar.  Come soar with Me by focusing on that which is good, pure and holy—My gifts to mankind.  This focus will crowd out all negative thoughts even though you may be enduring pain or sorrow. Praise provides positive power.

God’s Question: Will you intentionally praise often today?

God’s Promise: Praise gives hope to the downcast.

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for the hope of eternity in Your presence.

I am Sorry I don’t praise more and worry less.

Thank You for Your Word—the antidote to worry.

Please Help Me live a life of continual praise.

Coach and Cheerleader

20 Oct

God’s Word: 2 Corinthians 13:1-14  (The Message)

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

Everyone loves a cheerleader to celebrate their victories.  Coach MosesBut it is the coach’s encouraging words that lead to victory. Everyone needs both coach and cheerleaders in their lives.  How this works is you all serve as coach and cheerleader for those around you. The coach grounded in the rules of the game (The Bible) is the one that will lead you to the greatest victories.  There is a way that may seem right unto man but the end thereof is destruction.  Be sure your life coaches know My foundational rules of successful living.

Cheer on the life successes that align with My Word.  Those are the ones that really matter.  Wealth and fame, notoriety and honor do not guarantee success.  Truth and integrity, love and faithfulness flow from the truly successful life.  Life’s successes that lead to eternal values are all that is lasting.  Strive to achieve that which you can take to heaven with you.  All you can take is those you have coached and cheered to living successfully with eternity’s values in view.

Therefore, the secret to a successful life is found in serving as My coach and cheerleader for players in the game of life.  You will find that in coaching and cheering on others you are also coaching and cheering on self.  Rather than feed off what you can get from others change your focus to giving to others that which they most need: an encouraging word to draw them into relationship with me through My Word.  They don’t need critics but gentle guidance and encouragement. Point them to My guiding Words and cheer on all their successes.  Look for the good and expose it and it will blossom and be fruitful. And in the process you will find your own life in full bloom.

God’s Question: Who will be in heaven because of your coaching?

God’s Promise: Discouragement dissolves by encouraging another.

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for this sweet way to bless another’s life.

I am Sorry I spend far too much time on myself.

Thank You for encouraging me by my encouraging another.

Please Help Me be your coach and cheerleader for others.

The Arms of Jesus

19 Sep

God’s WordI Corinthians 16:1-21  (The Message)

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

Jesus died with his arms open wide.  Jesus on crossWith his last breath he asked for his persecutors to be forgiven. That is a picture of My love He came to earth to demonstrate: a love that goes beyond human reason to forgive the unforgivable.  You know the damage it does to your physical body to hold resentment and hatred inside.  Forgiveness is the only way to get rid of it.  Follow Jesus’ example; ask Me to forgive those who are hurting you because they don’t understand what they are doing.

As My ambassador of love to a world full of sorrow, open your arms.  Unless they see My love demonstrated through your words and deeds they may miss it.  When you allow resentment to build into hatred you are hurt more than your tormentor.  Let Me give you some advice to help you wade through the waters of life that try to drown you in hatred.

  1. Keep your eyes open: Look for the good in others and give a word of encouragement at every opportunity.
  2. Hold tight to your convictions: Don’t let the words and deeds of others cause you to let down your guard but stand firm.
  3. Give it all you’ve got: When you do you engage My intervention and I will give you the strength to keep on.
  4. Be resolute: Accept My ambassadorship and live out each day as thought you were on the front lines for Me—for you are.
  5. Love without stopping: My love is transmitted through the words and deeds of your life.  My love is unstoppable.

God’s Question: Got any hatred you need to release?

God’s Promise: I am here for you in all times of need.

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for Jesus’ open loving arms.

I am Sorry my arms aren’t always so loving.

Thank You for reminding me to love without stopping.

Please Help Me be your faithful ambassador to all.

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