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Jesus’ Family Tree

22 Dec

God’s Word:  Matthew 1jesus-family-tree

God’s Message:   (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)

Your family tree carries the history of your family but it doesn’t determine your destiny.  Each generation makes its own choices—for good or ill.  For the person who loves Me and looks to Me for guidance, even in their failures, I will make all things work together for good.  The family tree of Jesus was not made up of perfect people.  There were liars, cheaters, wife stealers, selfish people, and the whole gamut of sins.   Jesus did not let his ancestry determine his destiny.  He chose a destiny to live and die for others sake.

Joseph, the man I chose to be the husband of Mary, Jesus mother, was handpicked by Me, based upon the choices he made in life—not because of his heritage.  He was a good man that I knew would care for and train Jesus in His growing up years.  Joseph chose his destiny when he believed the angel I sent in a dream.  The message he received was not an easy one to swallow.  “His girlfriend was pregnant with a Spirit-conceived son.”

Rather than dismiss the dream, and Mary as his intended, he did just what the angel commanded him.  He married Mary but did not consummate the marriage until after Jesus was born.  Mary gave birth to Jesus as a virgin.  The angel gave Joseph the name for the baby—“Jesus—meaning ‘God saves.’”  Loved one—I orchestrated the writing of the Bible as the family tree of humanity.  As you read and heed, you will come face to face with Jesus, My Son, sent to bring you salvation.

God’s Question: What destiny are you choosing for your life?

God’s Promise: To those who choose to align their destiny with My higher purposes for life—there is joy unspeakable and full of glory.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for giving us wisdom in choosing our destiny.

I am sorry that I often ignore Your wisdom and make foolish choices.

Thank You for Jesus’ forgiveness that covers the faults of my choices.

Help me to daily align my life with your purposes for living and live in victory, come what may.



What’s Absorbing You?

30 Nov

God’s WordPsalms 119:17-24attitude

God’s Attribute: Wise counsel

God’s Message to me:

How many empty promises I receive from humanity in desperate circumstances!  If only I will deliver them they will follow Me always.  But once I help them back up on their feet—they forget their promise and go about their merry way.  The circumstances you find yourself in are often because of your own choosing.  Other times they may be because of choices another made.  Or, perhaps because your body malfunctions and you get ill. Many desperate circumstances would be avoided if you would take the wise counsel I provide in My Word.

My Word provides clear directions for living, nourishment for your soul, and wisdom to help you make good choices.  Absorb this–I am present with you in the worst of desperate circumstances and eager to impart peace.  No matter what path you are on My peace can nourish your soul till you are overflowing with thanksgiving.  There is no night so dark but what the light of My joy can bring you complete satisfaction.  You do not need to be “delivered” to a better life situation to have peace.  I specialize in peace during the storm.

You can’t always choose your circumstances but you can always choose your attitude.  Don’t let your circumstances drain your hope.  Open your eyes to My miracle-wonders that surround you.  Become absorbed in My wise counsel and rest in My arms of deliverance—yes, even during desperate circumstances—I am with you.

God’s Question for me:

Will you absorb yourself in My counsel rather than your troubles?   

God’s Promise to me:

The commands in My Word do not restrict but nourish and give hope.

My Prayer to Emulate God’s Attributes:  I Pledge:

My mind: To always focus on Your strength rather than my own.

My voice:  To speak words that build and encourage others.

My heart:  To absorb Your love and share it freely with others.

My body:  To serve all others as though it were You I’m serving.

God’s Yellow Brick Road

12 Oct

God’s WordPsalms 109

God’s Attribute: (31)  God’s always at hand.  yellow-brick-road-2

God’s Message to me:

When you think I am far away from you—I am not—it is you who have moved.  You want Me to remove you from your humanity and there is only one way to do that—death.  But that isn’t what you want.  You want Me to remove all the pains and sorrows from your life and give you a yellow brick road to live your life upon.  Adam and Eve lived their life upon the yellow brick road and chose to step off.  And you have too.  As a matter of fact, everyone who has ever lived has made that same choice.

You want to live your life free to the wind and make whatever choices you are drawn to.  I have even gifted you with that freedom.  So go ahead, make your own choices and live it up.  But remember, you must live with the choices you make. The yellow brick road of your life leads you to Me—where I will give you perfect peace no matter what the pain or circumstances you find yourself in.

When I said “I will never leave you nor forsake you” I meant every word.  I am always at hand for you to call upon.  My strength and peace come as you step back up onto my yellow brick road and once again walk hand in hand with Me leading you “back home.”   I do not silence all your storms—but I go through them with you—when you make the choice to join Me on my yellow brick road of peace.  Together, you and I will make it through.

God’s Question for me: 

Will you reach out to me—I’m reaching out to you?

God’s Promise to me: 

Come unto me, and I will give you rest!

My Prayer to Emulate God’s Attributes:  I Pledge:

My mind: To focus on following Your call upon my life.

My voice:  To gift others with kind and encouraging words.

My heart:  To invite Your love to flow through me to others.

My body:  To so live as to draw others to Your loving care.

Relief or Reform?

23 Sep

God’s WordPsalms 106

God’s Attribute: (43)  Over and over God rescued them, but they never learned. helping-another

God’s Message to me:

Often people want Me to rescue them because they want relief, not reform!  I couldn’t begin to count the times people have called out to Me for rescue, promising all kinds of reform, if I would just get them out of their troubles.  But when a person is rescued from the consequences of their choices, they learn nothing and continue to make bad choices.  But we keep hoping, don’t we?  Perhaps this time they will make some reforms and not get into trouble again.

Use caution when rescuing people from their bad choices.  Sometimes you have to let people suffer the consequences of their choices before they see the vital need of reform.  If you rescue them, you cause them to rely on your kindness instead of making life changes.

Use wisdom in your rescue efforts. Ask yourself, did this person get in this predicament because of unwise choices or was this an unforeseen calamity?  Do not hand out your mercy efforts just to make yourself feel good.  Many people rely on that to sustain their dysfunctional lifestyle.  The goal in all rescue efforts is reform, not merely relief.

God’s Question for me: 

Will you use caution and wisdom in rescuing others from the challenges they face?

God’s Promise to me: 

My immense love for you results in My mercy being shown.  (How are you reflecting that mercy to others?)

My Prayer to Emulate God’s Attributes:  I Pledge:

My mind: To use wisdom is lending my helping efforts to others.

My voice:  To speak Your words of wisdom to those in challenging circumstances.  Encourage them to make wise choices.

My heart:  To always be ready to show tender compassion to all.

My body:  To use my best efforts to relieve the suffering of those, who through no fault of their own, face insurmountable challenges.

“If”–Little Word–Big Meaning

6 Jul

Leviticus 26

Lessons for Living Today:

“If” you get out of bed and go to work you will receive a paycheck.  if-only“If” you choose to sleep in and ignore work—no check for you. Life is full of “if” choices.  People who make poor choices end up by saying “if only. . .”  Start paying attention to how often you use the word “if.” Instead of saying “If I get up early and go out and weed I can beat the heat,” replace it with “I am going to get up early and go out and weed so I will beat the heat.”  The word “if” shows indecision. Whenever you use or hear the work “if” it means there is a choice to be made—and consequences will naturally follow.

God created us with freedom of choice.  His Word is the manual that was given to help us maneuver through the choices of life.  In it He has provided stories of the lives of people who have gone before us, the choices they made, and the consequences they endured, whether good or ill.  He often said to these people, “If you do thus and so then I will do thus and so.”  They knew ahead of time the consequences of their choices and were free to make choices.  You see, God can see the future so He knows what will result from all choices we make.  He wants to help us have a bright future.

When God warns us against something it is in order to bless us.  He loves us so much that Jesus came to earth to demonstrate that love by sacrificing His life to show the extent of His love.  He has given an open invitation to “whoever will believe in Jesus” to come to Him for forgiveness.  We are given lists of the benefits of following Jesus and lists of the consequences of ignoring His offer.  We can look around us at the lives of others, some who follow Jesus and others who curse Him.  We can see the best life is enjoyed by those who follow Jesus.  Lest we judge the Christian too harshly we must remember that Christians aren’t perfect, just forgiven.    

God’s Question: Will you accept My love and forgiveness?

God’s Promise: Life eternal in My presence for My followers.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for the wonderful guidance in Your Bible.

I am sorry I don’t do a better job of following Your Word.

Thank You for Your ready forgiveness and encouragement.

Help me determine to follow You, no “ifs” about it.

Am I Responsible?

2 Jun

Leviticus 5

Lessons for Living Today:

Where is the line drawn between guilty and not guilty? fault In America we have a court system to decide this.  Isn’t it a crying shame we have a multi-billion dollar industry all because people won’t tell the truth?  No one wants to be held responsible.  Prisons are packed full of people who thought they could get by without being held accountable for their wrong.  And is this prison system turning out law-abiding citizens?  Hardly!

What is the source of this lawlessness?  Refusal to acknowledge there is a God of the universe who gifted each individual for the good of the whole.  Each person who is sitting in prison aborted God’s plan for them and used their passion in a way to harm instead of heal society.  There was a good that God was calling them to and they turned their back and chose evil.  All it takes is one foolish choice for the cycle of evil to grab hold of a victim and choke out the virtue of responsibility—to God and to others.

What is the solution?  The power of one!  One person who turns to God and comes face to face with forgiveness and freedom, then shares that bounty with another.  One man was sharing with a prisoner the Good News that Jesus died to give us.  The prisoner responded “Why has no one ever told me this?  It would have changed my whole life and I wouldn’t be sitting here now.” Yes, the solution is the power of one—each one sharing the Good News.  We share it through our one at a time daily choices, choosing honesty, forgiveness, patience, kindness, goodness and self-control.  Yes, we are each responsible for our own choices and responsible to share God’s solution with those our lives touch.  The power of one!

God’s Question: Will you accept the responsibility of sharing My Good News?

God’s Promise: You are never alone—I am always with you.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for parents who taught me responsibility.

I am sorry I ignore my responsibility to share Your Good News.

Thank You for Your patient kindness to me.

Help me realize my responsibility to reach out to others.

Moving the Heart-Strings

13 May

Exodus 35:  Moses tells the people of God’s plan for the Tabernacle.

Lessons for Living Today:

What moves our hearts strings?

Music of the Heart

Music of the Heart

It appears that our hearts, molded by our experiences and the knowledge we have acquired, responds when its “strings” feel movement.  What moves my heart-strings may not affect you at all.  What moves yours may not interest me whatsoever.  Diversity is what makes the world go round.  You like one thing, I like another, and together we make things happen.  If this is what makes things happen it tells me that the input of our lives and the knowledge we seek is very significant.

A beautiful piece of music doesn’t just come from an untrained musician.  Purposeful training and experiences together “feed” the “bent” of the heart-strings in the desired direction.  So in life–input determines the output.  Here is where our choices come into play.  If we live our lives haphazardly the output will be haphazard, at best.  Instead, those who want an intentional output will plan the input accordingly.  If your bent is music, you will focus your training there.

Are there universal heart-strings where we all can join together?  The God who created the universe has provided us with a common ground to unite mankind in making beautiful music of our interwoven lives.  Common ground is found in His revealed Word—the Bible.  Unity is found as the same God interacts with each person as they draw wisdom through His Word.  It ties our heart-strings together and creates joy unspeakable and full of glory.  God’s Word is what moves the heart-strings for the good of all.  Take away the Word and discord brings forth confusion and disaster.  Make wise choices and your heart-strings will respond with beautiful music.

God’s Question: Will you let My Word serve as your tuning fork?

God’s Promise: I never refuse any to turn to My Word.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for the wonderful music You have made of my life.

I am sorry I too often let discord have its way.

Thank You for always accepting me with open arms of forgiveness.

Help me focus my heart-strings to respond to You always.

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