The Price of Love

17 Mar

ScriptureMark 15:1-25

God’s Message to me: (What God is saying to us through these verses)jesus on cross

Can you imagine the emotional pain Jesus endured when the very people He came to rescue were the ones who were now demanding his crucifixion?  It goes to show you that when you make your mind up against someone, reason flies out the window.  You see it today in your political theater.  Each side tries to crucify the other!  A key factor here is that Jesus endured—because of his love for his very accusers and every person conceived on planet earth. 

  • Adoration: The pain Jesus endured, on so many levels, humbles us.
  • Confession: We certainly seem unable to endure pain to benefit others.
  • Thanksgiving: Thank You for this example of endurance for a higher cause.
  • Supplication: Help us to allow Your love to so permeate our being that we can endure, and love, those who may attack us, as Your follower.

Working the crowd is nothing new and will be going on as long as earth exists.  Strong personalities, with much to gain, push their agenda by working up others against their opponent.  Lies become rampant just as they were in this passage about Jesus’ accusers.  People want to belong to the winning team, so they fight harder to be king of the mountain.  Truth is no longer the issue, winning is.  But Jesus turned this instance of them winning into a win for everyone. That is your challenge to follow His example throughout your life.   

  • Adoration: We love how You teach us throughout Your Word in so many ways.
  • Confession: We too want to be on the winning team—but must follow truth.
  • Thanksgiving: Thank You for this reminder to not contaminate Your truth.
  • Supplication: Help us to hold Your banner of truth so others will be drawn to Your team that wins for all eternity. 

Where were Jesus’ followers as He was carrying the cross?  Why weren’t they right there and willing to carry the cross for Jesus?  Peter had even stated that he was willing to die with Jesus—but, where was he?  Everyone had fled!   What about you?  Are you willing to carry the cross?  Will you take on Jesus mission to love the world and bless the world—no matter what it costs?  What are your passions, your interests, your skills?  I gifted you with those things to bless your life so that you can bless others lives by using your whole being to be My messenger. 

  • Adoration: All that Jesus endured—He did for others. We are humbled!
  • Confession: We don’t always think about our gifts as given to bless others.
  • Thanksgiving: Thank You that Jesus was willing to bear the cross—for us.
  • Supplication: Help us to always be on the lookout for others who need some help carrying the crosses of their lives.

God’s Question for me:  Can I count on you to follow Jesus’ example of loving, whatever the cost?

God’s Promise to meWhen you call, I will answer, and give you strength to live your life unselfishly to be a blessing to others, on My behalf.    


One Response to “The Price of Love”

  1. Melissa B. March 17, 2018 at 1:53 pm #

    So true that people want to be a part of the winning team. I also see it on a smaller scale between parents and children. Children want to go their own way but they also want their parents approval (this applies more to when the child is older beginning to find their own way in life.) Jesus’ example of endurance is a powerful one. He never once faulted and denied what he stood for to please the likes of others. This is a wonderful example of how we should stick up for what we believe in, respect the right of others to deny it, and overall, not letting the judgement of others come in between us and our beliefs.


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