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Renewing My Resolve

15 Mar

ScriptureMark 14:27-53  Please click on this scripture link and read first!Jesus praying

God’s Message to me: (What God is saying to me through these verses)

How are you doing in your resolve to be a faithful follower of Jesus?  Because you are human I understand that you are incapable of living a perfectly obedient life.  Even those closest to Jesus, when He was in the flesh, weakened in their resolve.  What I am looking for are those who will not give up, but once they recognize their weakness, will return with a new and fervent resolve to keep on keeping on following Jesus example.  I hope I can count on you!

  • We praise You for understand our weaknesses and not giving up on us.
  • We are sorry that we can be so fervent at one moment and wishy-washy the next.
  • Thank You for Your patience and willingness to be patient with us.
  • Help us to daily renew our resolve to faithfully follow Jesus example.

Jesus calls you to keep watch with Him in prayer.  Even those closest to Him could not stay awake while He prayed.  You are not the only one who has fallen asleep during prayer.  Perhaps you need to follow Jesus example—He didn’t lay down in bed to pray before He went to sleep for the night—He fell on His face in submissive prayer.  I’m certainly not saying that is how you must pray but perhaps you need to find a way that helps you focus.  Kneeling by your bed would help.  Your knees would remind you why you are there, and that position is a submissive one to kneel before Me.  Find what works for you so you aren’t falling asleep but are alert and in tune with Me. 

  • We praise You for Jesus example in prayer and forgiveness of our failings.
  • We are sorry that we don’t give focused prayer enough attention.
  • Thank You for hearing our prayers, whatever position we choose.
  • Help us devote ourselves to drawing close to You through focused prayer.

Have you ever betrayed Jesus?  Remember that Jesus takes your treatment of others personally.  To betray another person is to betray Jesus.  I know you would never purposely do this to anyone but there are many different ways to betray.  Perhaps you tell someone you will pray for them, and then forget all about it. You agree to meet someone at a certain time and don’t keep your word.  You volunteer for a task and then don’t follow through.  Jesus calls you to keep your work and be a faithful friend to all others.  Be available to others who have needs you can meet.  Don’t withhold what is in your power to share with another.

  • We praise You God for this reminder that whatever we wish we could do for You we can do for another—as though it were You.
  • We are sorry for our failures in betraying others by our thoughtlessness.
  • Thank You for bearing with us and we willing to help us and not give up on us.
  • Help us to be people of our word and seek to honor You by all we say and do.

God’s Question for me: What difference will it make in your life that you have read this passage today and learned how you can renew your resolve?

God’s Promise to me: “I will never leave nor forsake you.”  You can count on my help in your weakest moments of life.

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