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Never Give Up!

24 Apr

cat hangingGod’s WordPsalms 119:89-96

God’s Attribute: God’s Word and Truth are dependable

God’s Message to me:

Today I challenge you to never give up.  I will never give up on you.  My Word and Truth are dependable, will never go out of “style” and will carry you through whatever your tomorrows hold.  Hard times will come but I will never leave nor forsake you.  Everything human has limits and boundaries but My love and forgiveness are limitless.  Even in the hardest of times I will give you moments of unspeakable joy and peace.  Just keep hanging on. 

And not only hang on but rejoice and share the joy and peace that you receive from Me.  It is there in abundance through the darkest of times—but it lies dormant until you open the eyes of your heart and let Me lead you into My fields of delight.  And once you have had a taste of My deep joy and peace you then you will become a channel of that joy and peace into the lives of others. 

As my Word and Truth are dependable, I call you to incorporate those truths into your life and be there for others.  You be the one who others can depend upon in their times of trouble.  You are My ambassador to share My Word and Truth with those whom your life touches.  Unless you share—others may never know. 

God’s Question for me: 

Can I depend upon you to never give up sharing My Word and Truth? 

God’s Promise to me:

What I say goes, and stays, as permanent as the heavens.

My Prayer to Emulate God’s Attributes:  I Pledge:

My mind: To remember as I treat others I am treating You.

My voice:  May You encourage others through the words I speak.

My heart:  May Your love overflow from my life into others’ lives.

My body:  To use my body to honor you by honoring others. 


God’s Comforter

1 Apr

God’s WordPsalms 119:73-80

God’s Attribute: Gives comfort

God’s Message to me:

I knew you before you were even born.  Whatever the circumstances of your birth, I saw your life laid out before you, and provided opportunities for you to follow My path of victory.  But I gave you totally free choice to choose or reject My wisdom.  How I am honored and blest when you choose to follow Me.  Draw near to Me and I will teach you what is true and right.  My comfort will surround your life so you can live life to the fullest.  Whatever the circumstances you find yourself in—I am eager to be your Comforter.

When you fix your mind on My counsel, instead of buying into the worlds bill of goods, I will give you wisdom and a deep peace that passes all understanding.  When you walk with Me at your side you can hold your head high with confidence for you know victory is in store.  The world tries to make you fit into its mold of self-centeredness, but I call you to live a selfless life.  Receiving from Me and giving to others is what life is all about.  I give to you so you can give to others.

I give you love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control so you can give these same attributes to others.  In the same way, My comfort I give you, not just for you to be comfortable but for you to be a comforter for others.

God’s Question for me

Will you step outside of your comfort zone and extend My comfort to those in need?

God’s Promise to me:

To the extent that you comfort others—I comfort you!

My Prayer to Emulate God’s Attributes:  I Pledge:

My mind: May I always seek to be Your comforter to others.

My voice:  To speak comforting words whatever the situation.

My heart:  May Your love flow into others lives through my heart.

My body:  To be your vessel of comfort to the hurting around me.

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