Evolution Plagiarized Creation

8 Apr

God’s Word: Psalms 24

God’s Attribute: (1 & 2) (God) built (the earth) on Ocean’s foundations, laid it out on river girders.animal flowers

God’s message to me:

My creation speaks clearly that there is a Creator and these wonders did not just evolve on their own.  Not only did I create everything that exists out of nothing, but it all belongs to Me.  You are My caretaker!  I charge you with caring for My creation and as you observe it, you are drawn to Me, not to the creation.

My creation is an extension of Myself.  Seek Me in My creation and you will find Me.  My blessing is given to those who seek Me and find Me.  You are without excuse, if you have eyes to see.  Look around at My creation.  Whatever you discover, I charge you with that information as a steward, to share it with others.  I have impassioned you so that you can pass that passion on to others.  Speak freely on My behalf that others might be drawn to Me through my creation also.

Apart from hope in Me, people face a desolate life.  Use every possible opportunity to proclaim the beauty and wonder of My creation, giving the glory to Me, rather than evolution.  Evolutionists have plagiarized My creation.  Even worse than that.  Rather than saying someone else did it they claim My creation did it on its own.  What a slap in the face to Me.  But you know the truth so share it.

God’s question for me:

Will you be careful to point others to Me through my creation?

God’s promise to me:

Blessings abound to those who seek to please Me with all their heart.

My prayer to God:

  1. Your creation is so wonderful—I stand in awe.
  2. I am sorry that I have not shared Your greatness with others.
  3. Thank You for the enjoyment I find in discovery of more and more information about Your amazing creation.
  4. Please help me be a glory to You every day of my life and draw others to Your glory in all I say, think, and do.

What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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