Why Pray?

29 Feb

God’s Word: I Timothy 2

God’s Message to Me: (My interpretation of what God is saying through these verses)why

Why do I ask you to pray to Me and pray often?  Do I need your help to carry out My will?  Do I need your input to make decisions?  Neither!  As much as you need to communicate with others, I need that too.  Through prayer, we communicate.  You can bare your heart to Me like you can to no other human—I already know all your secrets.

Humans forget that communication with Me is like communication with others.  You don’t simply talk to another when you need something.  I get tired of constant requests and so do your friends.

  1. To bless another, express words of adoration. Tell them what you like about them—often.  I would like to hear that too.
  2. In a relationship there are times for confession—admitting the mistakes you made. You can admit those to Me also in prayer.
  3. Your friends and family would love hearing you elaborate on why you are thankful for them. Oh, how I like that too.
  4. And then, and only then, do you deserve the honor of supplication, “asking” for something—to your friends and family and to Me.

Pretty simply formula don’t you think?  You can remember it as the ACTS of prayer.  Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication!  Following this formula with your friends and family will elevate those relationships to be nearly heavenly.  And My heart is so turned to bless those who come to me using this same formula instead of only turning to me in times of crisis.

God’s Question for Me:

What if the only things that took place in your life were in response to your prayers?

God’s Promise to Me:

I am only a prayer away and listening for you all the time.

My Prayer to God:

I Praise You for Your ever-presence that never leaves me.

I am Sorry I make too many decisions without asking Your advice.

Thank You for giving me life and leading me to eternal life.

Help me practice these four steps more with others and with You.


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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