Poppy-Seed Faith

25 Jan

God’s Word: Matthew 17:14-23

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)poppy-seeds

Mountain-top experiences must carry you through the valleys.  At the bottom of the mountain are people waiting for you to help.  People have needs and other people are meant to minister to those needs.  Are there some people with un-met needs because you are turning your head?  Draw wisdom and strength from My Word in order to help others.  My comfort is given to you to make you a comforter—not merely for your own comfort.

You don’t need bottomless resources before you can reach out and meet needs.  All you need is a seed of faith to start—as small as a poppy seed.  As you plant the tiny seed the plant grows and flourishes and meets needs around you.  As you watch the miracle unfold you find your faith is also unfolding.  With faith you can move mountains.  There is nothing you would not be able to tackle with even a grain of faith.

I’m not looking for people with great faith but for those who will take My Word seriously.  Come to the mountain-top of My Word and let me empower you to climb back down the mountain and mingle with and meet the needs of people.  Sharing My love with the needs of others opens the eyes of their hearts to My love.  Your job is to prepare the soil by sprinkling on the love that makes it ready to grow.  The simplest acts done with a sincere heart full of love—will take root and grow.  Let Me take care of the rooting and growing.  Your just keep pouring on the love.

God’s Question:

Is your life focused on gathering seeds of goodness for yourself or sharing those seeds with others?

God’s Promise:

When just a poppy-seed faith in My Word and Power there is nothing you could not accomplish in My name.

My Prayer to God

I praise You for using us in our tiny poppy-seed faith.

I am sorry we keep waiting for more poppy seeds before starting.

Thank You for reminding us that our job is to plant, Yours to grow.

Help me sprinkle my poppy-seed faith far and wide.


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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