Climb Every Mountain

23 Jan

God’s Word: Matthew 17:1-13

God’s Message to me: (My interpretation of what God is saying in these verses)mountain

Mountain tops give the best view of life—physically and mentally.  Part of the benefit is the exercise of the climb, then the removing of oneself from the daily pressures of life.  Both body and mind are renewed and you receive fresh insights by looking from the different vantage point.  I created you to need these times of refreshing and renewal.

Each time you open My Word it can be a mountain-top experience.  Reading is part of the “climb”, that as you interact with Me through prayer; I will help you clearly see the next step to take.  To read, apart from inviting Me to be a participant, can be a step in futility.  It may seem confusing or conflicting or meaningless.  That is because apart from My presence the words are like a car without tires.  As I interact with you in My Word—it will make sense and I will speak directly to your heart and fill you with My joy.

Each time you climb a mountain you will get a different view.  So to with each time you open My Word.  As I interact with you, through My Word, I speak to your heart where you are today—not where you were yesterday, a month ago or ten years ago.  Your spiritual growth depends entirely upon the amount of time spent with Me, in My Word.  If you aren’t growing—it is because of your own refusal to read and heed.

God’s Question:

Are you willing to have a mountain-top experience today and every day with Me, in My Word?

God’s Promise:

As you read My Word and seek My Presence My heart will be knit together with yours in understanding.

My Prayer to God

I praise You for the way you work through Your Word.

I am sorry I don’t spend more hours in communion with You.

Thank You for giving me so many mountain-top experiences.

Help me share with others the beauty of Your climb.


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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