Foundation of a Society

4 Nov

Sterling Principle # 30

Proverbs 24:21-22REspect

“Fear God, dear child—respect your leaders; don’t be defiant or mutinous.  Without warning your life can turn upside down, and who knows how or when it might happen.”

Respect for leaders is foundational in the stability of a society. By the time a child starts school they’ve got the basics ingrained in their attitude.  They learn it by osmosis from their parents or primary caregivers. Just what does it mean to show respect? It means to treat all others as you wish to be treated in their position.  The highest form of respect is to honor God as creator and sustainer of life on earth and giver of eternal life.  The respect we give others is a reflection of our respect for God.

Children grow up imitating their parents.  It isn’t a conscious thing at all but parents are teaching by every word and deed.  The way that parents treat one another will affect their children for life.  The way the parents treat the child also affects the child for life. The children then reflect this same level of respect for others.  Unfortunately, as parents we aren’t even aware of what we are doing.  We must ask God for grace and understanding to guide our children through life.

God’s teachings are the basis of respect.  If a person doesn’t respect God they will not respect themselves or others.  Sadly, our society has come to the point they want to leave God out of the equation and incorporate respect without God involved. Prisons are full because of the failure of this Godless system.  To treat others as we wish to be treated, without God involved, is basically a selfish action.  But to treat others as we wish God to treat us elevates respect to its rightful position.  Foundational to learning respect is to understand that God takes our treatment of others personally.  Respect for others, all others, is a reflection of my level of respect for God.

God’s Question: Do you treat others as you wish Me to treat you?

God’s Promise: My Word is foundational in leaning respect.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for the wonderful blessing of having Your Word.

I am sorry I have not lived out what Your Word teaches.

Thank You for forgiveness that you have given to be passed on.

Help me incorporate Your forgiveness into my respect for others.


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