Satan’s Boot Camp

19 Oct

Sterling Principle # 19

Proverbs 24:1-2video game

Don’t envy bad people; don’t even want to be around them.  All they think about is causing a disturbance; all they talk about is making trouble. 

Evil glorified in the media, or a game, plants seeds of evil.  It is bad enough that the “news” glorifies evil but even worse is that evil is made into interactive games “played” on the TV screen.  And all this is under the guise of “freedom of speech.”  A recent shooter in Oregon was motivated to his actions because of watching others gain notoriety in this means.  He too wanted to have his picture and story across all the TV screens in America.

On one hand we complain about the evil in the world and the other hand holds a game controller.  Gone are the days of families gathering and playing Aggravation or checkers.  Now they gather around the over-sized TV screen and try to kill one another.  Since God’s Word says “don’t envy bad people; don’t even want to be around them,” how do you think he feels about the video games that practice murder, maiming, and all sorts of sexual scenarios?

Satan knows humanities bent to evil addictions and has the masses eating out of his hands. “It’s just a game,” they say when it actuality it is Satan’s trap to overtake their life in the devils boot-camp. In the game you take on the persona of evil.  Evil is no game but a reality that is overtaking our society.  I Timothy 6:11 warns all to flee from all this, and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance and gentleness.  The antidote for evil—is God’s Word.  It is also the path to love, joy, peace and life everlasting.

God’s Question: Are you making a game out of evil?

God’s Promise: You become what you invite into your mind.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for Your Word that helps us avoid evil.

I am sorry that evil video games are so popular.

Thank You for Your Word that shares the path to life.

Help me overcome the evil around me with good.


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