Finding Our Purpose

7 Oct

Sterling Principle # 11

Proverbs 23:12purpose-and-passion

Give yourself to disciplined instruction; open your ears to tested knowledge.

Disciplined instruction and tested knowledge lay the foundation for a strong belief system.  We attend schools and colleges of our choice based on our desired outcome.  God gave us this freedom of choice and endowed us each with passions that drive us forward.  But He didn’t leave us alone in this pursuit.  His Word gives us foundational principles that if followed will give our lives stability and purpose.  Are those who ignore God’s Word purposeless?  No, but they have missed God’s highest and most noble purpose.

In the pursuit of living out our passions we find our purpose. Add to that equation the instruction and knowledge God’s Word provides and we have a powerful contribution to make to society.  To follow our passions brings pleasure but to honor God with those passions leads us to our highest purpose.  Where did we get our passions?  God gifted us with those from conception.

In finding our purpose we help others find theirs.  We aren’t in this life just for what we can get but to help others achieve their best.  We are blessed by continuing in God’s disciplined instruction.  Solomon, the writer of these 30 sterling principles, is just one way God has provided for us to grasp His wisdom.  In wisdom we both discover and use our passions to bring the most good possible to our world during the years of our life on this earth.    There is no greater accomplishment for a life well lived—on purpose for God.

God’s Question: How are you using the passions I gave you?

God’s Promise: My Word will not return to Me void.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for the way You interact with us in Your Word.

I am sorry I don’t always listen to Your advice.

Thank You for being so forgiving and faithful.

Help me focus my purpose on bringing You glory.


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