Am I a Tightwad?

2 Oct

Sterling Principle # 8

Proverbs 23:6-8tightwad

Don’t accept a meal from a tightwad; don’t expect anything special. He’ll be as stingy with you as he is with himself; he’ll say “Eat! Drink!” but won’t mean a word of it.  His miserly serving will turn your stomach when you realize the meal’s a sham.

Sharing with others is a basic Biblical principle. In this passage we find a person reluctant to share—called a tightwad.  This type of person is not only stingy with others but even with himself.  There is a big difference between being “low on funds” and being a tightwad.  Quite often tightwads are holding on to what they have for a rainy day—so they think.  They have become a lover of money.

Their desire to “hold on” to what they’ve got impacts everything they say and do.  They can’t even have friends over for a meal without counting the cost and feeling bad for wasting the money.  This is one extreme and at the other end is a person who spends money they don’t have for things they don’t need.  As in all areas of life we need the balance that God’s Word provides.

Hebrews 13 says “Share what you have with others. God takes particular pleasure in acts of worship—a different kind of “sacrifice”—that take place in kitchen and workplace and on the streets.” When we behave as a tightwad it is because of our lack of trust in God.  When we behave as a spendthrift, spending on things we don’t need and can’t afford it too is a lack of trusting in God.  Jesus sacrificed His very life’s blood for us and set us an example of how far we should go in sharing with others. To sacrificially share with others whatever God has blessed us with is true worship.

God’s Question: What will you share today to worship Me?

God’s Promise: I take your treatment of others personally.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for Your perfect advice in Your Word.

I am sorry I way too often live as a tightwad.

Thank You for this reminder to share openly.

Help me live out what I believe You call me to do.


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