Cancer of the Heart

25 Sep

Proverbs 22:28heart cancer

Sterling Principle # 4

Don’t stealthily move back the boundary lines

staked out long ago by your ancestors.  

Honesty in every area of our lives is supreme!  Dishonesty costs millions upon millions of wasted dollars.  The court systems are built because of dishonesty of our citizens.  Dishonesty is cancer of the heart.  It only takes a tiny cell of cancer to eventually destroy the whole body.  It only takes a tiny bit of dishonesty to eventually destroy the whole life.  We must make every effort to hold tight to honesty.  Honesty is facing the consequences of our own choices.

There is never an occasion when dishonesty is appropriate. When we allow a little white lie “for a good reason” we have opened the flood gates to a complete gully washer.  Honesty is a virtue and virtues have far-reaching values—both in your life and in the lives of those you interact with. This virtue of honesty is very importance in parenting.  “You cannot teach what you do not show.”

Daily we must choose the virtue of honesty to keep our hearts pure. The Golden Rule works both ways.  We must treat others with the same complete honesty that we hope to receive them from.  We cannot say “others lie so I will too.”  Let there be honesty in our world and let it begin with me—right now and always.

God’s Question: How honest do other say that you are?

God’s Promise: Honesty with others is honesty with Me.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for being our source of complete honesty.

I am sorry I’ve every stretched the truth for any reason.

Thank You for Your Word that upholds honesty.

Help me live before all others in complete honesty.


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