The Depths of Jealousy

20 Jul

Matthew 2:13-23

Learning from Jesus’ Life:

Since the scholars didn’t return to Herod with the location of where Jesus was he went crazy.  green eyeAll he knew was that the baby was to be born in Bethlehem.  He didn’t know who the parents were—nothing.  So he flew into a rage and called for the murder of every boy baby in Bethlehem and surrounding hills to be put to death.  And so it was done.  Since God was on the side of Mary and Joseph, with baby Jesus, He sent an angel to tell them to flee to Egypt before this edict was announced.  So Jesus was safely out-of-town and escaped certain death from Herod.

After the death of Herod, the angel returned to Joseph with a message that it was safe to return home.  Once arriving in the vicinity of Bethlehem he heard that Herod’s son was now king.  He didn’t trust him anymore than Herod so went another direction, following the advice of the angel.  He settled in Nazareth.  Old Testament prophets had foretold that this “Messiah” would be called a Nazarene, and thus it was so.

Jealousy causes untold amounts of pain and suffering.   Jealousy is based upon a fear of losing something you want to hold onto.  Herod was afraid of losing the throne.  He was enraged when he heard that a new King had been born.  That jealousy caused him to do an unthinkable act; kill many innocent baby boys.  Jealousy is the opposite of how God calls us to live—being more concerned for the well-being of others than our own selves.  Instead the mantra of our society is “do what is right in your own eyes.”  We have drifted away from God’s call to be our brother’s keeper.  Instead we tout—live and let live!  Jealousy reigns and is destroying our society!

God’s Question: Will you be a beacon of My light to your world?

God’s Promise: You receive from Me what you give others.

My Prayer:

I praise You for this wake-up call to care for others.

I am sorry I have too often let jealousy dictate my words and deeds.

Thank You for Your forgiveness that makes me want to share.

Help me shine the light of Your love to others.


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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