The Birth-Announcement Star

17 Jul

Matthew 2:1-12

Learning from Jesus’ Life:

What do we know about these scholars from the east who saw a star in the sky that, to them, signaled the birth of the King of the Jews?  bethlemen starWe know that they knew the Jewish scriptures enough to know that one day someone special would come along to deliver the Jewish people from bondage to the Law.  Obeying the Law consumed their lives and they were never able to fully obey, so the continual sacrifices for sin.  The scholars had invested much time and money in this trip, traveling far and bringing significantly expensive gifts to share with this newborn king.

These scholars thought everyone would be happy to welcome this new-born King.  They started by asking King Herod for directions to find the new baby.  Herod was no nice guy.  He had his own sons killed so there would be no one to replace him as King.  But he helped the scholars locate where the baby was to be born and faked interest in going to worship Him also.  He asked for them to return to him with this news as soon as possible.

The star reappeared and led the scholar’s right to the place where King Jesus was located, then hovered over the place.    Filled with excitement, they knelt and worshipped this child.  They brought out the gifts to honor Him.  Since that time millions of babies have been born but this scene has not been repeated.  This tells us this baby was one of a kind.  Yes, He was the only begotten Son of God who came to redeem Israel from the bondage of the law and set them free.  Still, many Jews rejected Jesus and continue in that rejection to this day.  They are still looking for a redeemer.  We who recognize Jesus as redeemer are charged with sharing this news. As the star shone brightly we too must let our lights shine for Jesus.

God’s Question: Who is drawn to Christ through the light of your love?

God’s Promise: As you shine—my love permeates the person.

My Prayer:

I praise You for the privilege of shining for Jesus.

I am sorry I hide my light under a bushel too often.

Thank You for forgiving and empowering me to shine for Jesus.

Help me emulate Jesus’ love so the world will come to know Him.


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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