God’s Promise Fulfilled

8 Jul

Matthew 1:15-25

Learning from Jesus’ Life:

Old Testament scholars know of God’s promise that a virgin would conceive and bear a son. Mary & Joseph They were waiting and watching for it to happen.  However, many had preconceived notions about what kind of woman God would choose.  Surely it would be someone famous with a lot of power.  They were hoping this promised one would come with lots of power to overcome the oppression the Romans had put on them.  Don’t you suppose many parents were praying their daughter would be the chosen one?  God had a different idea.  He chose Mary, a lowly peasant girl who had the perfect virtues to raise His son.

God knew the value of a loving father and he found that quality in Joseph, the man engaged to Mary.  God sent a messenger to both Mary and then Joseph to announce the coming birth.  They both followed the instructions completely—just as God knew they would.  How important it is that we all live our lives in such honest devotion as did Mary and Joseph.  Let’s look back a generation at the parents of Joseph and Mary.  We learn a lot about them through the words and deeds of their children.  As parents we are called to train our children in the scriptures so they will know how to be successful in the things of life that really matter.

Even more important than the training of our children is our example lived before them.  The strength of a society is founded in the home.  What children fail to see in their parents they seldom achieve.    God knows that because marriage between a man and a woman and the family unit was His idea.  Let us humble ourselves before God and accept the responsibility of raising our children as Mary and Joseph raised Jesus—ready to follow God’s call wherever it may lead.   We are imperfect parents following a perfect God.

God’s Question: Are you willing to follow My lead?

God’s Promise: I am ever-present to those who follow Me.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for Mary and Joseph’s example for us.

I am sorry my children didn’t have a better example in me.

Thank You for filling in the gaps where I failed.

Help me encourage others to follow You.


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