When God Doesn’t Make Sense

3 Jul

Leviticus 25

Lessons for Living Today:

Some of God’s instructions in the Bible don’t make sense. Question mark That is because He is “all-seeing and all-knowing.”  In the spiritual realm, in which He exists, there are no “time” limitations like we experience here on earth.  In this chapter he instructed the people to give their land a rest every seven years.  They were told to not plant or harvest but only eat that which voluntarily grows.  Then every 50 years was the year of Jubilee.  All land reverted to its original owner and again they were not to plant nor reap.  “But that doesn’t make sense, what will we eat?” the people cried out.  God’s reply: “I assure you, I will send such a blessing in the sixth year, (or the 50th year of Jubilee) that the land will yield enough for three years.”

When God’s instructions go against our common sense, we trust Him to provide whatever we need.  Suppose Jesus has responded “that doesn’t make sense” when He received the instructions to die on behalf of sinners?  Our view of what makes sense is strongly influenced by “what’s in it for me?” We want to see the unknown future to be sure we are going to benefit somehow.  While we can’t see the future, we have a record of God’s past dealing with humanity in the Bible.  We can know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that what God says, God will do.  God is trustworthy.

We often realize we can’t even trust ourselves.  What we say we will do, we often fail to do.  Whether it be eating healthy, losing weight, reading the Bible, or exercising regularly.  We make ourselves promises we do not keep.  God’s promises will be kept.  Every word of God is a promise for it is impossible for God to lie.  Yes, Jesus will return, there is a heaven and hell, and we make our choice as to where to spend eternity while we live our lives.  God can be trusted to keep His word and He is where I place My trust!

God’s Question: Have you checked out My promises lately?

God’s Promise: My Bible provides you with eternal hope.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for Your amazing and wonderful promises.

I am sorry I often live according to my selfish pleasures.

Thank You for reminding me that only You can be trusted.

Help me live daily completely trusting in You.  


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