Keepers of the Light

2 Jul

Leviticus 24

Lessons for Living Today:

The lamp in the Tabernacle was to burn continually. shine The priest was charged as keeper of the light, keeping the oil filled so the lamps never went out.  When Jesus died the presence of God moved from the Temple to our temples of flesh.  We who believe experience the presence of God in our lives and we are now the keepers of the Light of God. It is both a great privilege and a great responsibility. As the priest of the Tabernacle had to be always on duty, we too are always on duty before our God.  Our duty is to let God’s loving kindness shine through our lives for all to experience.

As the lighthouse for ships in the ocean met a real need, so our lives meet a real need of humanity.  We are the lamp stand or the lighthouse where God’s loving light can shine through to direct mankind safely home.  If our light is not shining continually, many lives will crash and burn.  We who have experienced the forgiveness of Jesus must share it with others.  We must be forgivers, lovers, patient, and kind, longsuffering, gentle, and good so that the world will recognize Jesus as living in us and be drawn to Him.

The lamp needed fuel in order to light the Tabernacle and our spiritual lives exist based on the fuel we provide.  The fuel is found in abundance in the Word of God.  It is there that we connect with God and are infused with the light of His love and enabled to pass it on.  As keepers of the light we must draw from the source of all light—our Father in heaven.  His supply never runs short and as we come to Him for filling we are infused with His light that gives hope and peace to the world.  We are the keepers of God’s light and unless we spread His light the world remains in darkness.

God’s Question: Will you refuel from My Word regularly?

God’s Promise: You are My gift to your world.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for Your abundant source of love and light.

I am sorry my light doesn’t always shine brightly.

Thank You for reminding me to draw upon Your abundance.

Help me let my light shine so others can see Your beauty.


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