Time to Recalibrate

29 Jun

Leviticus 23

Lessons for Living Today:

God knows that “all work and no play make Jack a dull boy.”  recalibrateTherefore His Word gave the Israelite’s instructions for scheduling play days into their lives.  On these play days they were not to do any regular work, but spend their time feasting and connecting with God and each other by their offerings on the altar.  God scheduled these days to celebrate throughout the year which gave the Israelite’s something to look forward to and plan for.  These people worked very hard and God knew how important these days of recalibration were.  How do we recalibrate today?

I learn from this chapter that to really recalibrate one needs to rest, rejuvenate and reconnect with God.  Scores of people go camping whenever possible as their time to recalibrate.  Many take elaborate vacations but end up more exhausted than when they began.  I think we need to use every opportunity of diversion to reconnect with God.  It is this reconnection, combined with rest and diversion that gives our spirits time to recalibrate.  Rather than seeking recalibration, scores use their times of diversion to party hard and numb their senses with alcohol.

As our Creator, God knows exactly what we need to recalibrate and be rejuvenated.   Let’s consider every “holiday” as a time of recalibration and reconnection with God.  Therein we find the strength to face the constant challenges of life.  But to keep our lives running in top condition we need daily doses of a connection with God.  My day simply goes better when I start it by reading God’s Word and processing what it means for my life today.  And then, my goal is to go about my day living out what I believe God is saying to me through this passage.  This is my source of strength for each day.

God’s Question: Taken any time to recalibrate with Me lately?

God’s Promise: I’m on your side!

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for Your wonderful plan for recalibrating.

I am sorry I let good things crowd our Your best.

Thank You for your concern for our bodies rest.

Help me make opportunities to recalibrate with You.


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