Foundation Stones

26 Jun

Leviticus 22

Lessons for Living Today:

Why is God so particular about the sacrifices given?  cornerstoneAnimals offered to God were to be perfect and not flawed in any way.  The Israelites were not to keep back the cream of the crop and give God the lame.  There are far more life lessons in this that meets the eye.  We people are so self-focused that we naturally skim off the cream for ourselves before sharing the milk.  That kind of thinking and living leads society down a dead-end path.  In learning to give God our best we are actually learning that He wants us to share our best with others as well.  Major foundation stone for life.

Learning the extreme value of offering a perfect animal laid the foundation for God offering His perfect son as our sacrifice.  When only the best will do—God offered His best to us.  Jesus became our perfect sacrifice, as a lamb without stain or blemish, to take away the sins of the world.  The blood of the perfect animals had to be repeated over and over.  The blood of Jesus was offered once for all time, finishing off the offering of animals.  God said Jesus was the very corner-stone upon which our faith is built.

God no longer dwells in the temple, attended to by priests and the offering of animals as a sacrifice.  Jesus death and resurrection initiated all believers into the presence of God. God now dwells within those who believe in Jesus and live according to God’s directives.  Belief is a major foundation stone for eternal life.  Jesus died in order to purchase our forgiveness, our salvation.  Living for Jesus is the mission of believers.  Living for Jesus is evidenced in the way we treat others.  The fruit of His spirit indwelling us is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.  True believers live what they believe.

God’s Question: What is the foundation of your life?

God’s Promise: I am God!  I will never leave or forsake you!

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for Jesus sacrifice for our sins.

I am sorry I do not sacrifice my own needs more for others.

Thank You for Your love that knows no bounds.

Help me to love others on Your behalf.


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