Why Care About Holiness?

25 Jun

Leviticus 21

Lessons for Living Today:

Here in Leviticus we find much instruction about being holy.  holinessIt says over and over that God is holy and we should be holy too.  How can we be holy?  The word holy means “sacred,” pure, or set apart or dedicated to the service and worship of God.  In chapter 21 it is talking about the importance of the priests living holy lives.  It was so important for them because they were the representatives of the people.  They stood before God on behalf of the sins of the people, bringing their offerings of repentance.

Those who lead others in following God have a greater responsibility.   You cannot lead where you do not go.  Moving toward God is moving toward holiness.  The world has no desire to move toward God and want no part of His holiness.  However, who else do they turn to in times of need?  And who else do they blame in times of pain?  Following God is growing in holiness.  If we aren’t growing then we aren’t following.  Following God is a natural result of learning of Him from His Word—the Bible.  Trust and obey is the path to holiness.  There is no other way!

Reading the Bible doesn’t make a person holy any more than reading a novel makes you a heroine.  However, holiness is never attained apart from reading the Bible.  As we read we pray for God’s personal insights for us in our present life situation.  The Words of the Bible will come to life as God opens windows of understanding to the seeking heart.  100 different people can read the same chapter and pray for God’s personal insights.  God will give them each a different twist, answering the need of their heart at that time.  As we respond to God’s interactions we are drawn to His holiness and long to follow His example of holiness.  All holiness comes from God.

God’s Question: Will you linger in My Word and listen to Me?

God’s Promise: I am eager to share My holiness with you.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for the beauty of meeting You in Your Word.

I am sorry I don’t meet with You more often.

Thank You for the way You speak through Your Word.

Help me set myself apart to be holy as You are holy.


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