Looking the Other Way!

24 Jun

Leviticus 20

Lessons for Living Today:

During the time of Leviticus a terrible practice was offering your child on the altar to a false God.  in your handsIt’s hard to imagine a parent that would do this.  God said that if the people of the land “looked the other way” and didn’t speak out about this atrocity taking place and put to death the parent who did such a thing, they were guilty themselves and cut off from God.  I don’t think God believed in prisons for law breakers.  He called for flagrant sin to be punishable by death.  It certainly kept society from being further polluted.

A terrible practice taking place today is offering your child on the altar of convenience.  Legalized abortion is taking the lives of thousands of children annually.  Is this any different from offering your child on the altar to a false God?  It appears to me it is the same thing. We who are familiar with God’s Word must not look the other way or we are guilty of those murders.  But it seems so overwhelming when so many people are clamoring for more and more abortions.  Is there anything we can do?  There is plenty.

The Pro-Life movement are people who refuse to look the other way but stand up for the innocent and helpless.  They are providing scores of ways to save the innocent.  Pregnancy centers, home for pregnant women with no place to go, resources, counseling, financial resources, all geared to support the mother and child.  The faithful few keep fighting this ugly battle of legalized abortion.  The majority of good people just look the other way and say “what a shame.” Our society has turned its back on God and invited promiscuity into “acceptable behavior.”  Now they must find a way to get rid of the consequences—the unborn child.  To disobey God in one area of life soon spreads to further disobedience.  Disaster results for the society that turns their back on God’s Word.

God’s Question: Are you part of the problem or part of the solution?

God’s Promise: If you look the other way I hold you responsible.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for the gift of Your Word to guide us to peace.

I am sorry so many reject You and Your Word.

Thank You for drawing me to Yourself through Your Word.

Help me be a living example of your love and guidance.


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