When all Else Fails!

22 Jun

Leviticus 19

Lessons for Living Today:

God didn’t create the world and all its inhabitants and then leave us to figure out what to do.  break glassAll the animals, insects and such critters he programmed with all the info they need to live, thrive, and pass life on to the next generation.  No one teaches the birds to build nests, eat insects or rodents.  They just know because of their programming. No one explained to the cow about chewing their cud.  And migration of all the amazing critters is just built into their brains.  It is pretty evident, as we look out upon all the critters of the world, that they just know what to do and they do it very well.

But God created mankind differently that all other creatures.  He gave us a brain, just like he gave them, but our brain has to be taught about life and living.  We aren’t programmed like the critters are. Parents must teach their children how to get along in this world. Thankfully, God created this special bond of love between the parent and child that connects them and causes them to want to be together and please one another.  But how are the parents to know what it is that needs to be taught to their children?  God provided us with an instruction manual —in His Word the Bible.

When you look around at the chaos in the world it is evident that many people have not read God’s instruction manual for life. Many have come up with their own instruction manual claiming it came from an angel, or visions or some such thing.  But their manual contradicts God’s manual.  Wouldn’t you suppose that the oldest and most trusted manual would be the one to adhere to?  Just as God’s manual predicted, “everyone wants to do what is right in THEIR OWN eyes.”  It also says “there is a way that seems right unto mankind but it ends in destruction.”  When all else is failing, it is time to get out the instruction manual—the Holy Bible.

God’s Question: What manual do you live your life by?

God’s Promise: Every knee will bow before My throne.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for Your amazing instruction manual.

I am sorry I too often think I know what is right.

Thank You for patiently correcting me by Your manual.

Help me saturate myself in Your Word and live it out.


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