God’s Instructions for Sex

19 Jun

Leviticus 18

Lessons for Living Today:

God set the boundaries of safety for many things in this life—in order to provide the best life possible for humanity. sex If we eat too much we get diseases and die.  If we drink too much we’ll have many problems, leading to death.  If we steal from others we must bear the consequences.  If we kill others we may also be killed.  Each of these areas has boundaries of safety God has provided.  When we ignore God’s boundaries our society becomes polluted.

God’s boundaries for sex provide the best life possible.  To step beyond his boundaries He says is abhorrent and perverse and pollutes humanity. You can read them yourself in this chapter of Leviticus.  It appears many want to push the boundaries and silence any who want to stay within God’s safe boundaries.  Our society has become vocal about pushing God’s boundaries out and ignoring them as restrictive.  Yes, they are restrictive, and for good reason.  It is also restrictive to kill and steal but no one is vocalizing the “freedom” to kill and steal to their hearts content.

Sex, outside of God’s safe boundaries, brings untold problems to our world.  Diseases, divorce, perversion, and there is no limit to the pain caused when we ignore His boundaries.  Society tries to silence God by silencing His followers on this topic of sex.  We who understand God’s deep love for humanity must do our best to stay within his boundaries and not let the boundary jumpers silence us.  Why is it that they can shout their “freedoms” to the hills but if we whisper one iota of disagreement we are haters?  Yes, we hate what God hates but we never hate other persons, regardless of their choice of boundaries. We are God’s ambassadors that invite others into the boundaries of God’s safe zone.

God’s Question: Will you respect My boundaries?

God’s Promise: There is joy in abundance within My boundaries!

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for Your great love and perfect boundaries.

I am sorry so many ignore Your boundaries as restrictive.

Thank You for Your Word that is my haven of peace and rest.

Help me be Your ambassador of safe boundaries.


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