What an Opportunity!

16 Jun

Leviticus 15

Lessons for Living Today:

You and I face great opportunities every day.  love, serve, repeatWe have daily numerous opportunities to help our fellow human beings.  The sad, lonely, discouraged, poor, sick and fearful are found at every turn.  We are the ones that God has chosen to reach out and touch those we come in contact with.  But who are we—that God would choose us to be His hands and feet of mercy?  God’s intention is that all those who have had the eyes of their heart open to Him—through His living Word—would be His ambassadors.

To serve others on behalf of God is the highest calling this earth affords.  He has chosen the least likely position, that of a servant, to elevate to the most important task on earth.  And what better way to serve than on God’s behalf.  Everyone wants to be served the best life has to offer. And it isn’t easy finding people who want to serve others.  Most are busy looking for someone to serve them.  Whatever task we do, whether it is sewing, building, teaching, creating, healing, cooking, or whatever, do it as unto God.

How honored we would be to be called into the courts of God to serve Him.  We have been!  To serve another is the same as serving God.  He takes our treatment of every other person personally.  There is not one way we treat others, and another way we treat God.  They are the same.  Let us not say to another what we would never say to God.  May we never treat another any differently that we would treat God.  By serving others we have the opportunity to actually step into God’s presence, bow before Him and let our service bring him joy.  It is our daily privilege to offer our words and deeds of service to every human we come in contact with.

God’s Question: Who have you served as unto Me today?

God’s Promise: You receive from Me what you give others.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for this simple way we can serve You.

I am sorry I too often forget to see You as I serve others.

Thank You for this great opportunity to serve others for You.

Help me willingly and eagerly reach out in service to others.


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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