What God Gives!

15 Jun

Leviticus 14

Lessons for Living Today:

Look around—everything you see is a result of God giving.

Asian father and daughter picking vegetables

Asian father and daughter picking vegetables

In the beginning he made the earth and everything in it.  This earth keeps on turning because of His programming built in.  Yes, our every breath is because God gives the oxygen to breathe and created our bodies to receive and use that oxygen.  It is all a beautiful system of his creation yet we so often ignore God and live as though He isn’t a part of our daily lives.  How painful that is for Him.  He gives and gives and gives and we take and take and take—with hardly a thought His direction.

We learn from God’s recorded Words that “if a man won’t work, neither let him eat.”  God’s system isn’t a welfare system where everything is given with nothing expected.  God provides what our bodies need to live, and the brains to become a productive member of society.  So what does a productive member of a society look like?  That person works with their developed skills and abilities in order to care for their own needs and be of service to those who are unable to work for reasons such as illness, or disability.  One who refuses to work but live off of society is as a fungus that destroys society.

God gives children parents to teach them responsibility for themselves and to care for others.  Parents who fail this task do a huge disservice to not only their children but coming generations.  Children learn their work ethic from their parents or the responsible adult caring for them during their formative years.  If they don’t learn it then, it is nearly impossible to learn it as an adult.  Prisons are full of those who failed to learn a work ethic and have become a fungus on society.  Failure to train our children means far reaching disaster for society.  As God gives to us we must give to others.

God’s Question: What will you give today to show Me gratitude?

God’s Promise: As you sow, so shall you reap!

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for Your greatest gift—salvation.

I am sorry I am not more ambitious about sharing this gift.

Thank You for loving me in spite of my failures.

Help me to extend Your love to everyone I meet.


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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