Doctor Priest

12 Jun

Leviticus 13

Lessons for Living Today:

In the days before modern medicine the Priest served as doctor under God’s guidance.  quarantineWhen you have thousands of people living in close quarters there is bound to be disease.  God directed the Priests in how to diagnose infectious diseases and what to do about it. Quarantine was their method for isolating the illness.  To be sure the one quarantined stayed away from people they were to wear torn clothes, leave their hair loose and uncombed and cover their upper lip and cry out unclean, so folks would stay away from them.

Our God cares about our diseases.  He provides us with healthy food choices, fresh air and water to drink.  But we, in our selfish ambition, overlook the healthy food, pollute the air and water and make ourselves sick.  Then we blame God for the state of our world.  This world is God’s gift to us and we are charged as caretakers. We are often our own worst enemy, as far as our health goes.  Our daily choices exclude healthy fruits and vegetables and pile up the calories and fats.  We must accept responsibility for our own health.

This world is not our home, we are just passing through.  But on our journey it only makes sense that we would want to keep our bodies working in top shape.  We also must look out to the world around us and the inhabitants we share this planet with—as the priests of old did.  By caring about the needs of others we are contributing to the health of the planet. When the love of money crowds out concern for others the whole world is in a downward spiral. God has built into our internal makeup a reward for caring for others.  There is that motivating feeling of goodness/virtue that wells up inside when we care for another that spurs us on to do even more good deeds.  Let’s ignite that virtue daily by following Jesus example of caring for others as much as we care for ourselves.

God’s Question: Will you contribute to humanity’s health today?

God’s Promise: By helping another you bless Me!

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for Jesus example of virtue.

I am sorry I too often think only of self.

Thank You for the reminder that to do for others is to do for You.

Help me live daily in a self-forgetful way!


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