God’s Diet Plan

10 Jun

Leviticus 11

Lessons for Living Today:

God’s rules are always for protection—not just to restrict your freedoms.  Healthy-FoodsUnder the Old Law—the Old Testament God was very specific about what meats could be eaten and which to detest.  The only animals that could be eaten were those with a split hoof and that chewed their cud.  Fish with scales and fins could be eaten but no shellfish.  Many kinds of birds were forbidden, such as owls, vultures, bats, eagles, etc.  Insects that have jointed legs for hopping were okay but the rest were detestable.  Nothing that crawled on the ground could be eaten.

In the New Testament God revealed to Peter that he has taken away the restriction of animals that could not be eaten.  But today we know, because of science, that some are just not good for human consumption.  As a matter of fact, we willing and eagerly eat a lot of things that are not good for human consumption.  Refined sugar for instance is a killer but the average American consumes between 150 and 170 pounds annually—so says the US Dept of agriculture.

God has endowed humanity as caretakers of creation.  We are the stewards of the plant and animal life.  That means we are to see to it that the ecology God created is preserved for coming generations.  He has endowed some to be scientists and to help us understand those things that are beneficial for us to eat and those which hurt.  We are the caretakers of our own bodies.  God’s diet plan for planet earth is all about responsible consumption of plant and animal life. It is also about sharing the bounty with those who are hungry instead of consuming unhealthy amount of food.  All of God’s plans are meant to bless the human race with nutritious foods to give us life and salvation to redeem our eternal souls.

God’s Question: Will you let me help you live both this earthly life abundantly and life eternal with Me in heaven?

God’s Promise: Bring your burdens to me and I will give you rest.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for the many healthy foods You provide.

I am sorry I eat way too much sugar.

Thank You for Your plan that is only for our good.

Help me follow Your plan for both body and soul.


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