Betrayal of Trust

3 Jun

Leviticus 6

Lessons for Living Today:

Trust is fragile—to both the giver and the receiver—but also to God.  Honest Triangle AffairYou see, every human interaction includes God because we’re made in His image, meaning all our relationships are a triangle affair. Our ability to think, interact and made choices is God’s gift to us.  The animals survive by instinct. To choose to break trust with another does self as much damage as the other—plus it is a betrayal of the trust God has in us.  Honesty is a many-faceted and fragile virtue.  To break honesty in one small area of life creates a crack in our personal armor that soon leads to dishonesty in other areas.

God’s method of dealing with dishonesty in the Old Testament law required compensation plus 20%.  In addition there was to be a ram without defect offered as atonement to God.  Don’t you think that would make a person think twice before being dishonest?  God’s law mentions no prison sentence.  You simply made full restitution and went about your business.  God’s plan was restoration, not punishment.  Punishment ingrains dishonesty—restoration cleans the slate of life.  God is all about restoration because we are His beloved creation and he wants all to be with Him for eternity.

How do we go about building a wall of honesty into our mindset?  It isn’t a natural occurrence in the life of a growing child.  Parents are commissioned by God to teach honesty to their children—first of all by their example.  Honesty is a far-reaching virtue—being passed down from generation to generation.  Dishonesty is also passed down from generation to generation.  Thankfully, God’s Word is available to each generation and it is universal and timeless.  It is the source of honesty because God is the creator of all virtue.  As each generation turns to God He will help rebuilt the virtue of honesty.

God’s Question: Any cracks in your personal armor?

God’s Promise: I will never betray your trust.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for giving me honest parents.

I am sorry for not meditating on Your Word more.

Thank You that I can completely trust in You.

Help me to live openly and honestly with You and others.


One Response to “Betrayal of Trust”

  1. Judee Dufresne June 4, 2015 at 7:55 am #

    Ellen…I praise God for your faith and sharing it with all of us. Gos bless you. In Christ.. Judee Dufresne


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