Am I Responsible?

2 Jun

Leviticus 5

Lessons for Living Today:

Where is the line drawn between guilty and not guilty? fault In America we have a court system to decide this.  Isn’t it a crying shame we have a multi-billion dollar industry all because people won’t tell the truth?  No one wants to be held responsible.  Prisons are packed full of people who thought they could get by without being held accountable for their wrong.  And is this prison system turning out law-abiding citizens?  Hardly!

What is the source of this lawlessness?  Refusal to acknowledge there is a God of the universe who gifted each individual for the good of the whole.  Each person who is sitting in prison aborted God’s plan for them and used their passion in a way to harm instead of heal society.  There was a good that God was calling them to and they turned their back and chose evil.  All it takes is one foolish choice for the cycle of evil to grab hold of a victim and choke out the virtue of responsibility—to God and to others.

What is the solution?  The power of one!  One person who turns to God and comes face to face with forgiveness and freedom, then shares that bounty with another.  One man was sharing with a prisoner the Good News that Jesus died to give us.  The prisoner responded “Why has no one ever told me this?  It would have changed my whole life and I wouldn’t be sitting here now.” Yes, the solution is the power of one—each one sharing the Good News.  We share it through our one at a time daily choices, choosing honesty, forgiveness, patience, kindness, goodness and self-control.  Yes, we are each responsible for our own choices and responsible to share God’s solution with those our lives touch.  The power of one!

God’s Question: Will you accept the responsibility of sharing My Good News?

God’s Promise: You are never alone—I am always with you.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for parents who taught me responsibility.

I am sorry I ignore my responsibility to share Your Good News.

Thank You for Your patient kindness to me.

Help me realize my responsibility to reach out to others.


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