What’s Your Offer?

28 May

Leviticus 3

Lessons for Living Today:

When we want to make peace with another we may offer them something.  helpIt shows we genuinely are sorry there has been a rift and we want to make things “right” between us.  Now it helps if we know what will please the other person.  Here in Leviticus God helps the folks out by telling them what sort of offering it will take to make peace with Him.  It is no slight matter to create a rift between ourselves and God.  He is our Holy Creator and we are merely His amazing creation.  We owe our all to Him, our very life’s blood, for He is our designer and sustainer.

God’s offers to us have been many and far above anything we could do on our own.  His gift of life is amazing itself, but then there are the many offerings of air, water, food, protection, and all those things that sustain our lives.  All this and He has also instilled us each with passions and abilities to be His ambassadors to others in need.  He offers us life not simply to sustain us but so that we might be ready to sustain others in times of need.  He comforts us in our times of need so we might become His comforters to others.

Not only does God provide our daily needs but He has gifted us with His Words that show us the path to life eternal.  Jesus sacrificial death on our behalf is the light for that path.  In His light we find the light of God’s love for us than is unquenchable.  What could I ever offer God that could begin to show my appreciation for life both here and now and life eternal?  Since He died for me, I want to live for Him.  How can I do that?  Offer sacrificial service to others as unto Him!  He sacrificed so much for me, nothing short of my sacrificial giving/living to bless others will suffice.  Lord I need Your help and guidance to see others needs and reach out.

God’s Question: Will you share My blessings with others?

God’s Promise: My peace I give you.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for Your wonderful offer of peace and salvation.

I am sorry I am not more willing to offer myself in Your service.

Thank You for the light of Jesus’ love that shows me how to live.

Help me be a beacon of light and love to my people.


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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