Salt–A Necessity of Life

27 May

Leviticus 2

Lessons for Living Today:

Even been on a salt-free diet?  saltIt’s bad!  Whatever salt does to a dish of food it does it well.  During an illness of six weeks, I could have no salt or pepper, along with no fats.  A plain baked potato is hard to choke down.  Like so many of God’s gifts, salt is one of those things we must limit in order to get the benefit and enjoyment.  Too much salt and we are in trouble.  Too little salt and we are also in trouble.  Even God requested salt on the grain-offerings the people were to offer to Him.

Many of life’s offerings require limitations.  God has given us some amazing taste buds but unchecked they can ruin a life—even kill us.  This is true in all areas of life.  God’s gifts are to be used according to the manufacturer’s direction or life turns bad in a hurry.  One, who begins to cook knowing nothing about foods or seasonings or how to prepare them, will seldom produce anything palatable.  A cook book is the place to start.  A person who lives life ignorant of God’s Word will find they are fighting a losing battle.

As salt is a necessity to make our foods take great, God’s Word is   a necessity to cause a life to turn out great.  We can’t really understand what it is about the salt that helps our food.  But after a careful reading of The Word we can see what it is about how we live that helps our life turn out great.  God created all things with a purpose.  You cannot replace salt with sugar or sugar with salt.  Things are to be used as God created them or disaster results.  To remove God’s Word from your diet is every bit as disastrous as removing all salt from your food intake.    

God’s Question: Will you “season” your life with My Word?

God’s Promise: I have the answers you seek.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for the way You speak through Your Word.

I am sorry I too often act and then seek your guidance.

Thank You for the beauty of my life with You as my seasoning.

Help me share Your wonderful life’s seasoning with all others.


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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