How Good it Smells!

26 May

Leviticus 1:  God’s instructions for the whole burnt offerings

Lessons for Living Today:

I’ve never met anyone who didn’t enjoy the smell of a BBQ.  BBQ It seems God is no different.  But the offerings He required of the Israelite people were not just so He could enjoy the fragrance.  God, having created us, knows how our minds work.  The whole burnt offerings of animals were required to help the people understand that the consequences of sin were uncomfortable.  First of all, the folks understood that no one escapes sin.  We all fall short of God’s ideals.

When there are no consequences for breaking the law, lawlessness is rampant.   No one is safe–everyone is in danger.  The sacrifices of the Old Testament were to help people understand that the consequence of sin is death.  God is perfect and we cannot come before Him because of our sin.  And who determines what sin is?  It makes perfect sense that the one who created us knows what is good for us and what harms?  He carefully planned the writing of the Bible so we could know what to pursue and what to avoid.  For you see what is good for us is also that which pleases God.

Jesus came to earth to rescue us from the consequences of our sin.  As the Old Testament sacrifices were to be a “perfect” animal that meant it truly was a sacrifice on the part of the giver.  God didn’t plan for the animal sacrifices to continue forever and Jesus stepped up to the plate and offered his “perfect” life as the “once for all” sacrifice for our sin.  Because He died for us we are “justified before God.”  Justified means “just as if we’d never sinned.  Only those of Old Testament days who brought their perfect sacrificial animals received justification.  Only those who accept and follow Jesus receive it now.  What a blessing is ours because of Jesus sacrifice.

God’s Question: Will you accept Jesus and be acquitted of sin?

God’s Promise: Joy unspeakable both now and forever.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for Jesus’ willingness to die for me.

I am sorry I cave to sin far more than I want to.

Thank You for always welcoming me with open arms.

Help me draw close to you and be a blessing to others.


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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