When God Draws Near

22 May

Exodus 40:  Moses finishes the work and sets up the Tabernacle.

Lessons for Living Today:

God sent Moses as His ambassador to the people of Israel.  tabernacleAs God instructed Moses, Moses instructed the people.  God’s directions for the building of the Tabernacle were followed completely and it was a wonder to behold. Its location was in the very center of the camp, also at God’s instructions.   When God is guiding we can be sure He is also providing.  To show the people that he approved of their work and was near to them 24/7 he provided a visible sign.  A cloud hovered over the Tabernacle during day and at night it changed to a cloud of fire, providing light.

God’s cloud indicated God’s presence.  The people felt the nearness of God as they continually witnessed the miracle of the cloud and the cloud of fire.   When the cloud began to move they packed up and followed the cloud.  When it stopped, they made camp.  Their very lives were built around this “presence” of God in their midst.  I would like to travel back in time and make a visit to that camp and see and feel this nearness of God.

Does the absence of God’s cloud and fire mean He is no longer present with us?   Not at all!  We have been blessed with something far better—and even nearer. When Jesus returned to heaven, following His death, resurrection and the 40 days He walked the earth after His resurrection, He left us with a promise.  God’s very Holy Spirit has come to dwell within the heart of those who believe the Words of Jesus which are in reality, the Words of God.  God Himself said “Draw near to me and I will draw near to you!”  God’s Word is His promise.  The Bible is how we draw near to God.  To leave the Bible out of the equation is to forfeit God’s presence.       

God’s Question: Will you come into My presence today?

God’s Promise: My Word provides My presence.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for Your abiding nearness.

I am sorry I get so busy that I ignore You.

Thank You for Your presence I can even feel.

Help me share Your love so others can know Your love.


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