Passion Ignited

14 May

Exodus 36:  God did more than ask for participants to help build the Tabernacle.  He “gifted” then with the skills (passions) needed.

Lessons for Living Today:

One time a total stranger asked, “So, what’s your passion?” igniting passion I had no idea what she was talking about.  When she explained it I was eager to share my passion. My biggest challenge is that I have found I have many passions. It’s hard to keep on top of them.  God is interested in our passions!  He isn’t just interested but He gifted us with them.  We are free to choose how to “flesh them out” but He knows how we can best use them.  In this chapter of Exodus when God had a monumental task to be done He both gifted and called forth workers with passion.

Passion is used for both good and evil.  Passion has built hospitals, orphanages and homes for the aged. Passion has also motivated murders, destruction, and violent behaviors.  We must feed our passions that contribute to the betterment of our fellowmen and starve the passions bent on destruction. Passion ignited changes the world—whether to improve or to destroy. The choice is ours!

I am honored to think that God gifted me with my passions.  If it is a gift from God then it is meant to benefit others, not just give me pleasure.  I recognize that God gifts to me are meant to be focused on God’s purposes.  As he comforts me, I will be a comforter to others. His comfort is not given just to make me comfortable but to make me a comforter of others.  Therefore, I will examine the behaviors fueled by my passions and adjust as needed.  To honor Christ through my passions I must carefully select, reject and focus on things of utmost importance to Him.  Igniting my passions for His purposes brings the deepest joy and satisfaction possible.

God’s Question: Who is blessed by your passions?

God’s Promise: By blessing others you are blessed more.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for the joy of living with passion.

I am sorry I so easily get sidetracked from my mission.

Thank You for the ways You help me get focused.

Help me To bless You by blessing others.


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