Using Our Passions Productively

7 May

Exodus 31:  God skilled men to do the work he required in building the Tabernacle.

Lessons for Living Today:

Why does one person love doing this and another loves doing that?  IMG_3241I believe that our “passions” for projects come from God.  But He gives us free choice in how to put those passions to work. Based on my knowledge of the scripture I don’t believe that God gives us free choice and then predestines us to make certain choices.  That isn’t logical.  Why give us free choice if He already has our life mapped out?  I do believe God KNOWS what choices we will make but I don’t believe He locks us into a certain path of choices.

The scriptures say that while we were still in the womb God was involved in our being.    Perhaps our passions are similar to the instincts of the animals.  I don’t know why I am passionate about the Little House books and the author Laura Ingalls Wilder.  I have a facebook group of over 3,000 others who are equally passionate about her.  Why does one love Laura yet others think we are crazy?  Why does one love horses and another love flowers?  I believe God’s input into our being plants those passion seeds and we are free to develop them throughout our lives.

Let us examine our passions and consider how we have developed them in our life time. I believe that the best and highest use of our passions is to benefit others in a way that God is honored.  In sharing the Christian family values that “Laura Ingalls” grew up with I am encouraging others to emulate those values.  If our passion cannot honor God then it didn’t come from God.  The Bible tells us that whatever we do, whether in word or deed, we are to honor God. The best way to honor God is to love and serve others on His behalf.  Using our passions for this purpose gives a joy unspeakable.

God’s Question: Are you using your passions to benefit others?

God’s Promise: Your passions + My power = blessings for all

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for gifting me with my passions.

I am sorry I don’t focus my passions more on others.

Thank You for the joy that passions bring us.

Help me focus my passions on blessing others and honoring You.


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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