When Fair isn’t Fair!

5 May

Exodus 30:  God’s instructions for the temple furnishings

Lessons for Living Today:

We all claim we want taxes to be fair.  Life-is-Not-FairWhat is meant by fair is if it benefits me instead of the other guy.  The poor want the rich to pay more taxes and the rich feel it is unfair to tax them more just because they have worked harder. Our opinion of this matter depends on whether we are rich or poor.  God’s instructions for the tax was that every person paid the same fair amount.  No human can ever be totally fair in their decisions such as this.  Every one of us is swayed by the benefit to self.  God is not like us in that He can look at our situation objectively.  He knows even the thoughts of our hearts.

We all claim we want to be treated fairly.  Again, fair is a relative matter and always leaves the biggest benefit with self.  We humans are just unable to judge fairly.  We can’t leave ourselves out of the equation.  We bring to the table all the baggage of our past life and all our decisions are based on our frame of reference.  We might say we want God to treat us fairly but is that really what we want?

Does God show favorites or is He really fair?  God is fair in that He allows each of us to determine how we wish Him to treat us.  Do we wish him to give us mercy when we screw up?  Then we must extend that same mercy to others—all others.  Do we wish God to be patient with our blunders?  Then we must be patient with others—all others?  Whatever we wish to receive from God we must proactively extend to others.  Love, kindness, forgiveness, patience, longsuffering, or whatever it is we wish from God we must first extend to others.  How can anyone say to God “but, that’s not fair?”  We have no one to blame but ourselves for how God treats us.

God’s Question: Do you treat others as you wish Me to treat you?

God’s Promise: I extent mercy to the one who gives mercy.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for your objectivity in determining what is fair.

I am sorry I way too often forget how You determine fairness.

Thank You for reminding me that I will get what I give.

Help me eagerly treat others as I wish You to treat me.


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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