The Purpose of Uniforms

30 Apr

Exodus 28:  God’s instructions for creating the priests “uniforms.”

Lessons for Living Today:

Each different uniform carries with it a list of expectations.  uniformsThe policeman or firemen, waitress, postman, doctor, nurse, gas station attendant, or chef all step into a role as service-provider as they put on the uniform.  Before a uniform there were pre-qualifications and training that took place.  Sometimes years of education precede the uniform.  When we see a uniform we know what kind of service to expect. We depend upon those of uniform for our very lives at times.

The “uniform” of the Old Testament priests identified them as a service-provider for God’s People.  God gave precise instructions for creating each part of the “uniform.”  Each piece and part held meaning and gave purpose to the duties to be performed.  To be selected to put on the “uniform” of a priest carried with it a heavy-duty and requirements.  To put on that “uniform” and fail to fulfill the role carried with it a heavy consequence.  Jesus came to earth to “complete” or “fulfill” these requirements of the Old Testament Law.  The “uniform” of the priests is now an inward adorning of the heart by those who have “put on” Christ as Lord.

To accept Christ is an invitation to Him to dwell in our hearts and be a service-provider to humanity. We choose to live our lives making choices that honor Him and benefit others.  Jesus said that “as we do unto even the least of humanity” we are doing unto Him.  We don’t seem to get that!  He takes our treatment of others—all others—personally. To respect and honor another person is to respect and honor Christ.  Every good deed or kind word honors our Lord. To dishonor another is to dishonor Christ and has consequences.  May we always remember that Christ-likeness is our hearts uniform!

God’s Question: Who will you show honor and respect today?

God’s Promise: As you honor another I will honor you.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for Christ’s sacrifice to erase my sins.

I am sorry I am not so eager to erase others faults.

Thank You for Your Word that reminds me to focus on You.

Help me show respect and honor to all others as unto You.


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