God’s Favorite Colors?

28 Apr

Exodus 26:  God’s instructions for building the Holy room.

Lessons for Living Today:

If you were building a special room that depicted the essence of “you” wouldn’t you choose your favorite colors? ribbons When God gave the directions, in this passage, for building the special room where His Spirit would dwell he chose blue, purple, and scarlet for the curtains.  And in those curtains were woven an angel-cherubim design. What colors and design would you choose to depict your essence?  In addition to the colors, God’s instructions also included the type of wood, animal skins and precious metals to be used.

We find God’s choice of colors still being used as award ribbons at fairs and other competitions.  Blue, purple, and scarlet depict the top honors.  (I personally like it that the top honor is given with the purple ribbon.)  If we look around at our world we see many instances where the origin came from God’s Word: marriage, the Church, baptism, laws, ecology, fairness, forgiveness, patience, and on and on.  We would expect this since God is the creator and sustainer of our world.  When people separate themselves from God and His Word the society degenerates.

It appears the favorite color of evil is black.  Color brings joy and peace to the world.  The delightful rainbow God created never fails to bring joy and peace to onlookers.  As followers of God we too must strive to bring God’s colors to our world.  May our interactions with others bring them joy and peace—never strife.  As a matter of fact, let’s strive to encourage others by interacting with them in such a way that they feel “rewarded,” much like winning top ribbon at the fair. Lord, help me share Your love with all others in a way that helps them feel the value You have for them.

God’s Question: Will you look for the good in others today?

God’s Promise: My love will never cease.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for the beauty of colors You gave our world.

I am sorry I don’t always look for the good in others.

Thank You for Your Word that directs me to complete joy.

Help me share the beauty of joy and peace with others.


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