Follow the Angel

23 Apr

Exodus 23:  God’s instructions for success in living.

Lessons for Living Today:

God sends His angel ahead of those who follow God’s leading. follow the angelHow cool this would be to know you are following God’s angel.  But, how does one know it is God’s angel they are following?  Well, first of all we must determine our goal in going that direction.  I ask myself, “Is this a direction Jesus Himself would go if He was here in the flesh right now?” What would make us believe Jesus would do what we were attempting to do?  Does it honor God?  Does it bless other people?  Does it point others to God through Jesus?

In Exodus 23 God gave the Israelites directions for following His angel.  He said (1) Pay close attention, (2) Obey Him. (3) Don’t go against Him.  Today we too can have God’s angel go before us.  We follow these same instructions by paying close attention to the Bible, obeying it, and not behaving against it.  God’s very Spirit will go before us to guard our steps and fight for our cause that honors Him.  In the Old Testament (Exodus) His Spirit is called His angel.  Now we know that it is God Himself that goes before us.

By following God he will clear our path of despair.  There is no need to despair when God is going before us.  Others around us may face despair but we have God’s very presence to guard our hearts and minds.  But we must take precautions to not get sidetracked and ignore God’s leading.  His leading always takes us to safe pastures and quite waters.  His comfort is abundant.  His peace of mind carries us through any sort of trouble that comes our way.  Because we are now living in the flesh, troubles may come, but he is our guide and stay and that is all we need for complete peace of mind.  God is our angel of deliverance that will make our paths safe.

God’s Question: Who or what are you following today?

God’s Promise: I’ll make sure you live complete and full lives!

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for Your peace that dissolves despair.

I am sorry I sometimes grab despair instead of Your peace.

Thank You for Your faithful Word that gives us peace and joy.

Help me let the beauty of Your peace radiate from my life.


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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