Do we Really want Justice?

21 Apr

Exodus 22:  God gives rules for living to be sure justice is served.

Lessons for Living Today:

Everyone wants justice for themselves.  justiceEven young children have a sense of justice.  We hear them say often, “But, that’s not fair!”  They seem to know when they aren’t treated fairly but if the shoe is on the other foot, they don’t care all that much about justice for the other child.  That is simply humanity.  Everyone yells JUSTICE for themselves.  We don’t hear many yelling out JUSTICE for others. We so often want for ourselves what we could care less about others.

God knew mankind would be like this so He gave His laws to be sure justice took place.    God cares about justice in our relations with one another.  Apart from justice, chaos reigns.  God provided Moses with rules to share with the people that would facilitate justice for all.  The Ten Commandments shared the basic laws.  Then God set out to provide guidelines for when laws are broken—because they always are.  God knew that we all have a tendency to bend the rules and think it is okay for us but not okay for others.  Only an all-knowing God could create rules that provide equality for all.

While we want justice from others is justice really what we want from God?  Do we really want what we deserve from a holy God?  I can’t speak for you but I’m afraid if He extends to me justice it won’t be enough.  What I need from God is mercy—not justice.  Think about this just a moment!  Justice apart from mercy is hard- nosed. While we want the other guy to get “what is coming to him,” we certainly don’t want God to give us “what is coming to us.”  We need mercy from God and from others.  Well. . . . then should we not also be willing to extend mercy to others?  We must not expect from God what we aren’t willing to give others.

God’s Question: Do you want My justice or mercy?

God’s Promise: Mercy will be given to the merciful!

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for Your willingness to give mercy.

I am sorry I am not more merciful to others.

Thank You for Your Word that reminds me to give mercy.

Help me treat others as I wish You to treat me.


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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