A Personal Prescription for Success

17 Apr

Exodus 20:  A parents’ love motivates them to train their children to live successful lives. God’s love for us, His children, motivated His giving us His Ten Commandments for success.

Lessons for Living Today:

God’s Word was not given to restrict but to give freedom to be successful whatever we do. success Those who claim God’s Word restricts are like those who would “cut off their nose to spite their face.”  The same fear that causes some to ignore God’s Word motivates others to cling to it.  Why is that?  There are two spiritual forces in this world—God and Satan.  God has a personalized prescription for you to be successful, loved and a blessing to others.  Satan wants you to crawl in the dirt, hate and destroy.  God provided you a book of guidelines to successful living.  Satan does his best to turn you away from that book.

God knit the generations together as He orchestrated the writing of His book for success over 1400 years with 40 authors.  The frosting on the cake of this book is that God Himself interacts with your spirit as you read.  As you read He gives you your personal prescription for success.  Satan hates it when you read the Bible.  He uses every trick possible to keep you from reading.  He has tricked many to write their own books that use every possible trick and lie to turn mankind away from God.  How has he done in influencing you?

A quick read of Exodus 20 will help you see how far society has strayed from God’s personalized prescription for success.  1—There is only one God!  2—No carved Gods.  3–Do not use God’s name irreverently!  4—One day a week is holy to God!  5—Honor your father and mother!  6—No murder!  7—No adultery! 8—No stealing!  9—No lies about another!  10—No lusting!  This is the foundation for true success that lasts for all time and eternity.  Ignore God—you lose!  Embrace God and you will be rewarded with His personalized prescription for success.

God’s Question: Whose book have you been reading?

God’s Promise: My book alone has the words of LIFE!

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for Your Wonderful words of life.

I am sorry I don’t always follow your good advice.

Thank You for Christ’s forgiveness for my failings.

Help me be as forgiving and loving as You are.


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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