God Directives for Victory

14 Apr

Exodus 17:  God directs Moses to strike a rock with his staff and gushing water poured forth to drink.  When the Amalekites attacked, God directed Moses to hold his staff over the battle field and God gave victory.

Lessons for Living Today:

As God’s people followed God’s directives, victory resulted. Moses and rock No water to drink for the people—no problem.  God had the solution in mind and directed Moses to the source of water.  When enemies attacked it wasn’t strength of Israel’s army but the power of God that directed Moses to hold his staff over the battle field. Victory was the result.  If we were Moses we might have thought, “Strike a rock with my staff to bring forth water—that is crazy.”  Or “Hold up my staff over a battle field, people will think I have a loose screw.”

God will work through our lives with whatever means is at hand.  We have a need!  God has a solution!  I wonder how often I have missed God’s solution by failing to consider His great power over the most ordinary items in my life.  We often think “If only I had thus and so then my problems would be solved.”  But God can work with what I have right now to bring about victory in my situation.  The key to God’s victory is following His directives.  He spent 1400 years, using over 40 different authors, most of who didn’t even live in the same century, to record His universal directives in the Bible.

God’s directives are at our disposal day or night.  And we can be assured that God’s directives result in God’s victory in our lives, just as they did in the day of Moses.  That victory can be today—in whatever battle we are facing.  You see, God’s directives are not stagnant words on a page in a book. No, His directives are intimately linked with His Spirit that engages with our spirits as we read.  The Bible is no ordinary book—it is living and active and makes His directives personal to our situation.  What a mighty God we serve!

God’s Question: Will you let Me lead you to victory?

God’s Promise: I’m on your side—all the way home.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for providing us with Your Word.

I am sorry I don’t let You lead me more.

Thank You that I can have complete confidence in Your victory.

Help me follow Your leading all my life.


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