Outside God’s Paradigm!

13 Apr

Exodus 16: How God provided bread and meat for the thousands of Israelites’ as they traveled the 40 years through the wilderness?

Lessons for Living Today:

How to provide food for thousands of people on a camping trip in the wilderness? quail“You’ve brought us out into this wilderness to starve us to death!”  But God already had a plan in place.  We too can trust that God has a plan in place when we face the unknown. God often provides help in a way outside of our paradigm. Nothing is outside of God’s Paradigm. Each evening God caused quail to fly into camp and crash at their feet.  Each morning there was a layer of dew on the ground.  When the dew lifted they found a fine flaky something, fine as frost on the ground.  The people gathered it and used it as bread.  God provided meat and bread, every day, 40 years.

God specializes in expanding paradigms.  Anything that doesn’t fit inside our paradigm we worry about.  Hold it!  Look back over your life.  How many impossible situations did you face?  Yet here you are, still alive and reading this.  It seems we never learn to simply trust God for the unknown.  We want to have control over our future and have a plan in place.  Do we think our plans would be better than Gods?  The Israelites could never have come up with a better plan than God’s to provide themselves with meat and bread. God’s plans are so much better than ours there is no comparison.

Let’s abandon our pre-conceived paradigms and trust God for all our tomorrows.  There is no need to worry when God is on the throne of our lives.  He’s got it all covered and will be with us through thick and thin.  Every pain, every sorrow, every challenge, His abiding presence will comfort and quiet.  We need only rest in Him and abandon our worries in His lap of peace.  He already has a plan to see us through to victory through Jesus for eternity.

God’s Question: Will you let Me take care of your tomorrows?

God’s Promise: I am with you and that is all you need.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for providing my every need.

I am sorry I have wasted one minute of life in worry.

Thank You for the hope of eternal victory in heaven with You.

Help me share your borderless paradigm with all I meet.


What "take-away" did you receive from this blog post?

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