Rejoice Today–Complain Tomorrow

10 Apr

Exodus 15:  Song of rejoicing for the amazing way God delivered the Israelites’ from the Egyptians—then within a week the complaining begins.

Lessons for Living Today:

What a time of rejoicing for freedom.  RejoiceThe Israelites’ raised their voices together in song, rejoicing over God’s amazing deliverance from their task masters. All those plagues the Egyptians had endured yet the Israelites were not afflicted in the least.  And then the great deliverance through the Red Sea, on dry ground no less.  Yes, they finally realized they were free from the oppressions and on their way back home to Canaan.  I’m sure the sounds of rejoicing were heard for miles around.

If it weren’t for the mountain-tops of joy, the valleys of life would be hard to endure.  You would think we could carry some of our joy into the valleys with us, but far too often that doesn’t happen.  The Israelites were no different.  A few days after this great rejoicing they were back to complaining.  Goodness people!  You experienced firsthand God’s mighty power.  Don’t you think he will care for your basic needs going forward?  He wouldn’t deliver you in such a miraculous way and then leave you to die of thirst in the wilderness.  We are grateful that God considers that “we are but made of dust” and puts up with our complaining—and provides for our needs.

Looking back at these Bible stories it is so easy to see the faults of the people.  Because we know the end of the story their faults seem to be more glaring.  But what about me?  I am no different!  I have seen God’s mighty hand of provision, love and care.  Yet when overtaken with a challenge of life I too complain.  What about you?  Do we only turn to God in times of need to complain?  I’m feeling that if I would listen to Him and obey His Word my times of complaining would be fewer.  Thank You God for Your patience!

God’s Question: Will you just trust Me with your future?

God’s Promise: I am on your side and will comfort you.

My Prayer to God:

I praise You for Your mighty power and grace.

I am sorry I don’t share Your grace more freely.

Thank You that I can trust You entirely.

Help me trust You and share Your love with others.


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